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LOVE RAZER 'Border City Rebels' Album Review

May 23, 2018


Love Razer have released their new full length album "Border City Rebels" and it doesn't disappoint. While a bit on the short side clocking in at a mere 8 songs, the boys from Canada make the most of it, with some good old throw back ass-kicking rock n roll. If you like your rock n roll sleazy, in the vein of early LA Guns and Guns n Roses with just a touch of Poison for good measure . Then this is one album you'll want to check out. 


 "Border City Rebels" is dripping in Sunset Strip attitude!


Highlights from the album for me where as follows:


OUTLAW -  right out of the gate and the band is off and running, A great mix of early LA Guns and Guns n Roses. Great groove! The band should definetly consider releasing this as their next single.


TOO HOT TO HANDLE - another Slash inspired riff/solo, with the exception of the chorus this song could just as well be a tribute to GNR and that's not a bad thing. It's all sex and rock n roll and well that's a good thing.


VENOM - a flat out rocker! "Venom" has everything that make for a killer tune.....great verse, great chorus and solo, some dead on vocals ..........( Man I can't help but here Slash's influence all over this record) 


STUCK UNDER YOU - you knew there had to be a ballad in here somewhre, and if this was the late 80's Love Razer would've just scored their first hit with "Stuck Under You". It's a great up-tempo throwback to the ballads of yester-year.


PARTIED OUT FREAK - finds the band picking backup the pace and cranking it to 10! Cool guitar intro and some killer gang choruses. This track has all the goodies.


TOXIC TEARS - closes out the album on another high note, Excellent performances from all involved on this one. From writing to performance. 


If you love throwback 80's rock n rollwith huge choruses, loud guitars and great vocals......then get off your ass and check out the new album "Border City Rebels" from LOVE RAZER!




Band Members


Sydney Snow - Lead Vocals

Micky Bonez - Guitar

Metal Mike - Bass

Crissy Stixx - Drums

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