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Sending along our best wishes to legendary concert promoter Gina Zamparelli would like to send along our best wishes to legendary concert promoter Gina Zamparelli. Gina has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. If you ever worked with Gina or had the chance to attend one of her events drop her a line and let her know that we are all thinking about her. Gina Zamparelli on Facebook

Gina Zamparelli presented many of the top concerts in Los Angeles during the 1980's and 1990's at Perkins Palace, The Roxy Theatre, The Whiskey, The Hollywood Palladium, The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium and The Wadsworth Theatre. She was heralded by the media as one of the first women concert promoters in Los Angeles. She sold out every concert in over a decade of shows in Los Angeles, helping to break many bands and secure them record deals. Her company also managed Perkins Palace (aka The Raymond Theatre) in Pasadena, CA. She built Perkins Palace into one of Los Angeles' top award winning venues for live music, which has left it's mark on popular music history.

She has spent several years working to save Perkins Palace from redevelopment. She set new precedence creating one of the longest and hardest battles fought for a historic landmark in Los Angeles.

Some of the artists who have worked with Gina Zamparelli Presents include:

Red Hot Chili Peppers David Lee Roth The Pretenders, Metallica Alice In Chains Motley Crue Paul Gilbert/Racer X Black Flag Joan Jett Kim Carnes Henry Rollins Rought Cutt Rampage New Order The Romantics King Crimson Wall of Voodoo The Go Go's Circle Jerks Alcatraz UFO Guns N' Roses Poison Steeler George Throgood Adam & The Ants The Plasmatics Leatherwolf Skid Row Joe Walsh Stryper Poison The Ramones Van Halen Blue Oyster Cult W.A.S.P. Ratt Armored Saint Great White Krokus Shark Island George Carlin Keel Saxon Nazareth Bruce Springsteen Megadeth Riot Warrant Odin Foo Fighters Riot Keel Savage Grace Malice Paul Stanley of KISS Moterhead Leather Angel Megadeth White Lion Whitesnake

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