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Original Tigertailz Drummer Announces New Band Called Tigertailz USA

Ace Finchum, original drummer for UK glam band Tigertailz has posted the following information about his new band:

Hi peeps, I thought I better issue a statement on the whole Tigertailz USA saga. After being in America for damn near three years now. In that time I have played in a couple tribute bands that were fun, but it just didn’t scratch that itch like doing original music for me. I had no offers from any other bands, and I did advertise myself that I was looking, and anywhere in the world. But as I said nothing came of it. I thought it was a shame that Tigertailz never really played the States,but twice and it would be cool to go out and play those songs I am associated with. First things first I contacted Jay Pepper and told him my idea for this USA Idea, he didn’t have a problem with it, except we can’t use the original logo or Klint ( The Cartoon Tiger ) on posters ect ect. So I thought to myself, well hell Jay is the only original band member in his band, Why can’t I put together an outfit and it will be the same thing, “One” original member….Me! So with that I started looking for people who could pull off what I was looking for. I have much appreciation for the UK Tigertailz guys, I’m very good friends with Both Rob and Matt, so I asked them the same thing, and both were fine with it. Now I know, much people will think it’s cheap and tacky for what I’m doing, but being 55 now, starting an all new original band wasn’t even an option I would consider. I worked my ass off helping propelling Tigertailz to the top when we got in the charts and everything in the day. So as I issue this, we are booked to play our first show at the Rock N Skull festival in October with other bands like Punky and Frankie from my beloved Angel , Heavens Edge, Pretty Boy Floyd and some others I have never heard of. But I just wanted to clear everything up, and cause No confusion on the bands. Tigertailz USA is NOT the original band, without Kim Hooker or Steevi Jaimz the band will never be the same anyway, ever! And that’s no reflection on Rob Wylde, who is doing a hell of a job fronting the band now, and pulling it out of the mud!!

To sum it up, both bands have one original member now. But Tigertailz USA will not use any logo other than the one you see above. So please let there be no confusion on which version is what. I don’t want that, I just want to get out there and play from the three albums I played on, and co wrote on. I want the people in the states to get to hear songs from Young & Crazy, which sold big for us over here, more than the follow up Bezerk album even. So that’s the deal, As an original member , and like Steven Alder I’m bringing the Music we created and played on to the people who might want to go out and have a good blast from the past!! So there it is, I had to explain the situation to not confuse the Tigertailz fans out there. It’s only Rock N Roll………. pro or against, that’s people’s preference and I understand. But I won’t be put off, I put a lot of time and effort in breaking the band, from Deaths to Nervous Breakdowns and being Hospitalized. I have and do bleed Tigertailz A x


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