SNAKEBITE Release Video for 'Beyond the Rust'

Snakebite have released their second album "Rise Of The Snake" The new video/single "Beyond The Rust" can be viewed below.

Snakebite, the return of Hardrock: No masquerade – no faking – no compromise!

Apart from acts defining themselves through comedic attitudes and overused stereotypes such as "Sex, Drugs and Rock n‘ Roll“, those four guys are aiming to get Rock back out of its comfort zone. Songs as "Freedom“, "Run Fast“ and "Draw the Line“ are like clenched fists in the faces of narrow minded life plans and servile obedience. Independence, living the life by the own rules, no compromises – and having fun while doing it. There’s no journey too far and no road to stony. Nothing’s gonna stop them from spreading their evangelion. If it’s the big stage or just a smoke filled pub – they don’t care. They deliver.


Dominik Wagner: guitar/lead vocals

Julian Fischer: drums/vocals

Alex Lacroix: bass/vocals

Chris Van Kough: guitar/vocals


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