TEMPT 'Runaway' Album Review

Here we have the debut album from New York rock band Tempt, “Runaway” . Having never heard the band other than the cover song they released of Def Leppard's “Women” , which is amazing, I wasn’t sure what I would get. I popped the album in and listened with an open mind which is sometimes hard to do with a new band, in this case I’m glad I did. The album itself is amazing! Filled with killer guitar work and amazing vocals throughout., really easy to listen over and over. As polished as this album is it is really hard to believe that this is a DEBUT album!! So I would highly recommend getting your hands on this album and cranking it up!! (your neighbors will love it to..I promise)

“Coming onto you” As soon as it starts you know you’re in for a treat. Harrison brings out a killer riff to kick it in gear and Zach fills the empty space with some great vocals. Fist pumping party here. This is a great tune that would kick off any set very well, you’d know right away that Tempt is here to party and rock!

“Under my Skin” Amazing guitar work from Harrison. Another kick ass party song!! You can’t help but get into this and enjoy it. The gang vocals are killer for the chorus. Amazing, fun party rock song.

“Paralyzed” My favorite (well one of them) song on the album. The guitar work is amazing and Zach's vocals bring the whole thing together perfectly. It’s a great rock tune that just has a great vibe to it.

“Use it” The guitar solo on this track is killer!! A great up tempo rocker. Lyrically a very solid track and vocally delivered perfectly. The guys really got it going here.

“Runaway” A little slowed down on this one. Vocally stunning track, the chorus however, leaves a little something to be desired unfortunately. The gang vocals just don’t do it for me here.

“Aamina” Back to rocking!! Nice guitar intro from Harrison, soon joined by Zach and he lays down a sick vocal performance. Harrison really rips through an astounding guitar solo in the middle, well written tune!

“Sapphire” Rapid fire guitar work to start this one. I really like this song. Zach delivers yet more amazing vocals and musically another really well written tune.

“The Fight” a little keyboard intro to this rocker! Another of my favorite tracks also!! The chorus is amazing vocally and lyrically. Harrison throws a face melting solo in for good measure.

“What is love” Another track vying to be my favorite!! A killer up tempo rock track with an awesome vocal delivery from Zach. As usual Harrison is on point as he lays down a killer guitar track.

“Time won’t heal” Time to slow it down with this ballad. Vocally it's everything you’re looking for in a ballad. Really nice pacing. Get out your lighters and sway with the crowd.

“Love Terminator” Not my favorite here. Musically the track is fine it just doesn’t get me moving much. The chorus is a little underwhelming.

“Fucked up Beautiful” Killer tune!! Lyrically it's a great tune, vocally a great tune. You’ll want to put your fist in the air and rock out to this one!

“Neuro Child” Amazing guitar work throughout this track. You’ll be tapping your feet to this one for sure!

“Dirty One” Lyrically this is a great track. Vocally it’s delivered perfectly it’s going to get you moving for sure! The guitar work is awesome on this as well.



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