GUNJACK Try To Get Institutionalized By Going ‘Totally Insane’

GUNJACK Try To Get Institutionalized By Going ‘Totally Insane’Italian metal/rock ‘n’ roll act Gunjack invite you to their own personal kind of party with the release of their debut album Totally Insane, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records in both the digital and the physical CD formats.Gunjack are just three guys, all metal-heads and fans of old school metal that produce a piercing, powerful sound. The band are influenced by the classic old school mindset and the way of playing of the big bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many others of their ilk. Gunjack use their musical background to merge the old riffs with a new, modern sound.And so it is without finesse and good manners that Gunjack hit your ears with a mix of Rock’n’roll and a one fingered salute of heavy metal. Totally Insane is the title of their new album, produced by Gunjack, recorded and mixed at A.D.S.R. Studio and by Carlo Meroni. If you want to listen to this riot, there should be only one rule …make it loud!

Totally Insane | Released May 22nd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:

01. 4B4Y | 02. Totally Insane | 03. Black Mark | 04. Bloodbath | 05. Into The Fire | 06. Seven | 07. Old Guard | 08. Cry Of Demon | 09. Iron Cross | 10. Mr. Daniels | 11. Outro

Gunjack are:

Mr.Messerschmitt – Lead vocals/Bass

Gamma Mörser – Lead guitar/Backing vocals

M47 – Drum propeller/Backing vocals


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