MOB RULES New Album Out In August 2018 via SPV/Steamhammer

At the moment Mob Rules is in the studio working hard on their new album, which is scheduled for an August 2018 release via SPV/Steamhammer. The new album will be presented via three release shows, among others in the Nordic Pumpwerk (Wilhelmshaven), where Mob Rules have already performed legendary concerts.

This powerful album tells stories about legends with mythical and historical references involved; personal events are processed by Mob Rules in their songs as well. The result of this special mixture is a refreshing album that immerses its listeners into new worlds. "We all know this special moment of putting on the headphones and listening to a new album in order to closely follow every single bit of sound with the booklet in your hand," says Klaus Dirks, singer of Mob Rules.

But what the new album will be called, what it will look like and who will be responsible for the mastering this time will be revealed in the coming weeks! Fleshed out fans and those who want to become fans can look forward to rousing shows with new songs and beloved classics.

MOB RULES album release shows 2018 24.08. DE-Weiher - Live Music Hall 25.08. DE-Oberhausen - Helvete Pub 08.09. DE-Wilhelmshaven - Pumpwerk

MOB RULES live 2018

04.05. DE-Bremen - Meisenfrei 31.05. DE-Büßfeld - M.I.S.E Open Air (Headliner Show) 01.06. DE-Rheine - Hypothalamus 07.07. DE-Belle - Beller Freibad Open Air (Headliner Show) 13.07-15.07.18 DE-Balingen - Bang YourHead Festival

06.10. DE-Gießen - Metal Crash-Festival

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