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New Overkill Studio Album slated for Feb. 2019

Editor-in-Chief Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice ( spoke to Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth front man of East Coast Thrashers Overkill. Blitz spoke about their new Live at Overhausen DVD/ Blu Ray/ 2 CD set, which will be released on May 18 2018 on Nuclear Blast. Blitz also gave an update and timeline on the new upcoming Overkill Studio album. WATCH HERE

When asked about the new live album CD/ DVD Blu/ Ray concert

"We wanted to make it interesting, this represents us, so we were hands on from the initial idea, through the final mix, through the editing of the DVD. There are interviews in the DVD with the band members as well as comments from Eddie Trunk and others etc.. We were on board with all of the production stages of this DVD and these ideas and decisions flowed through the band not from outside sources, so that's what makes it more prideful. Choosing the lights, choosing how many the amplifiers, choosing the venue, approving back drops, approving video cuts and audio mixes. So I think the pride in this is the key word. " When asked why the live album includes both Feel the Fire and Horrorscope albums played in their entirety "Obviously there were anniversaries for both of them, Feel the fire being 30 years and Horrorscope being 25 years. The internal thinking was choosing two albums because other bands choose just one. The name of the band is Overkill, it means more than necessary. We were not trying to recreate history or to present nostalgia. Today this is a different band from the past, with different chemistry Dave Linsk (guitar) flies up and down that fret board, Derek Tailor (guitar) is tight as well, Eddy Garcia sat in on the drums. It was modern presentation for nostalgic songs. " When asked about an update on the new album "I think we caught a wave on the last 4 records part of that wave was Ron Lipnicki behind the drums and now Ron is now gone so now I don't know what to expect. The beauty of it is that when you are inside the writing team that's what becomes motivational. Obviously the new album is going to be a Heavy Metal record we don't deviate so much from our formula but what is that record going to sound like? At this point it sounds like a Metal record to me. Jason Bittner (SHADOWS FALL, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM) addition to the band as the drummer is going to make it bombastic in some cases he is the state of the art when it comes to hitting the skins. So I really think that we have an opportunity here to make something here that is great. I'm not going to say out do anything but who knows it can be a new chapter of Overkill. " When asked who the producer will be for the new studio album "We are in between right now, things have changed we already had somebody locked down but they are not 100% sure they can do it, we would not rather say. I will tell you this we wanted to use Andy Sneep we thought he did a fantastic job on Grinding Wheel but he has other commitments he is on the Judas Priest tour." When asked when the new album will be released "February 2019 is what we penciled in then we can tour starting March 1st 2019 . February is what we are looking for, that means we will start the drums tracks next month. " When asked how much of the songs of the new album are completed "There are 10 songs that have been written and they are all up for change. The way we kind of write is it evolves from the riff and then it becomes a song, it then is arranged and it shifts and changes and I start tearing into it. So I am going to say that 90% of the music and writing is done but we are going to F*** around in each song 10% of so to adjust things to make it better to have it fit better. When it comes to lyrics I don't write lyrics to begin the songwriting process. I use phonetics, I use none sense, I take paragraphs out of books and I start fitting them in. I am more concerned with the vocal line, so the lyrics are topic less when I start. At this point I would say 50% of the new songs have solid ideas for lyrics."

"Live In Overhausen" track listing:

01. Coma 02. Infectious 03. Blood Money 04. Thanx For Nothin' 05. Bare Bones 06. Horrorscope 07. New Machine 08. Frankenstein 09. Live Young Die Free 10. Nice Day - for a Funeral 11. Soulitude 12. Raise The Dead 13. Rotten To The Core 14. There's No Tomorrow 15. Second Son 16. Hammerhead 17. Feel The Fire 18. Blood And Iron 19. Kill at Command 20. Overkill 21. Fuck You * 2 CD + Blu-ray Digipak * 2 CD + DVD Digipak * LP (Limited edition Splatter, Green, Black) * Feel The Fire (Live in Overhausen)

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