RYAN ROXIE (Alice Cooper) Set To Release Solo LP “Imagine Your Reality” In May

Ryan’s forthcoming album Imagine Your Reality will be released in May 2018. His first official ‘solo’ album sees him collaborate with Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander on the track California Man, as well as many other guest musicians worthy of note. Roxie continues to create infectiously melodic rock songs but this time with even more guitar then any of his other previous releases. If there’s a secret to being a rock star, then Ryan Roxie certainly knows what it is.

“Casablanca are unafraid to meet the 21st century head on…a gleaming, modern edge…” -Classic Rock

“The sonic DNA of the 70s stylishly spliced with Roxie’s consummate song writing. A day-glow collision of upbeat riffs, solid-gold choruses and killer, heavy pop-rock sensibilities. Pure California sunshine in a box….” – Classic Rock (The Roxie Box)

“Fusing catchier-than-cooties power pop to some glunk ‘n’ roll guitar makes for essential listening, the perfect example of Roxie 77’s seductive sonics…one of the finest power pop rockers around…” –Fireworks

“Roxie 77 have 3 minute catchy guitar driven rock tunes positively oozing out of every pore in their rock n roll bodies…” – Uberrock

TRACK LIST – Side One 1. Big Rock Show 2. Over and Done 3. California Man (ft Robin Zander) 4. To Live and Die In LA 5. The Uh-Oh Song

Side Two 6. Me Generation 7. Look Me In The Eye 8. Hearts In Trouble 9. Nevermind Me 10. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Vinyl album pre-order – http://www.bellyacherecords.com

CD Pre-Order: cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/products/ryan-roxie-imagine-your-reality


About Ryan:

Vocalist/guitarist & songwriter, RYAN ROXIE, is best known as ALICE COOPER’S long-time lead guitarist and collaborator.

He began his musical career with LA band, Candy (also featuring Jonathan Daniel and Gilby Clarke). Candy soon morphed into the Electric Angels and signed to Atlantic Records, releasing one self-titled album, produced by Tony Visconti and considered somewhat of a rare gem. Of those early years Ryan says, ‘those bands turned me from boy to man…from novice to veteran…. “

Inspired, he embarked on a prolific career which saw him working with various artists, including providing guitar on Gilby Clarke’s albums, Pawnshop Guitars, Blooze, The Hangover and Rubber. You can also hear Roxie’s guitar work on James Michael’s (from Sixx AM) Inhale release.

Roxie began working with Alice Cooper in 1996. He was initially offered a ‘one year tour’ and 22 years later (with one leave of absence for family commitments) he’s become an integral part of the band.1997 saw Roxie connecting with long-time friends, drummer Mike Fasano and bassist Will Effertz to create the band, Dad’s Porno Mag. Following Effertz’s departure guitarist Keri Kelli and bassist Stefan Adika joined and the band released their self- titled album.

In 2000 Roxie wrote and recorded on Slash’s Snakepit’s second album Ain’t Life Grand, and recorded his first studio album with Alice Cooper, Brutal Planet. Roxie’s collaboration with Cooper continued on albums including Dragontown, The Eyes of Alice Cooper andDirty Diamonds, co-writing a number of songs on the latter two albums.

Showcasing his range of influences and love of power pop and melody – including Cheap Trick, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers & Starz & Sloan, Roxie 77 was created as Ryan’s creative vehicle. Debut album, Peace, Love & Armageddon was released in 2004 and followed by Two Sides to Every Story in 2009 (with both a regular and acoustic version of each track).

Having put down roots in Sweden, the ex-California native formed Casablanca with his Swedish cohorts; Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights) Erik Stenemo (Melody Club), Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane) , Erik Almström (Bullet) and Mats Rubarth (bass). The band’s debut album, Apocalyptic Youth (2012) earned them a Classic Rock Award nomination for Best New Band. They followed this success with second album, Riding A Black Swan.

2012 saw the ambitious Roxie Box project come to fruition, with a four disc/70 song box including re-mastered recordings by Ryan and all of his collaborative bands.

In 2014 Roxie 77 released a six-song EP, The Ameriswede, a unique release via Bellyache Records with the album’s two sides comprising of an “American side”, mixed by Tommy Henriksen, and a “Swedish side”, mixed by Jon Bordon.

Ryan Roxie’s tireless work ethic is seemingly endless, and fueled by genuine talent and enthusiasm. He has hosted TV music & chat shows, creates his own ‘Roxie’s Parking Lot’ gigs as part of the Alice Cooper tours and has worked globally as an ambassador for the Gibson guitar company.

His ethos, to ‘make the world just a little better than the day before’ has led to his humanitarian work with organizations such as Pay It Forward and Sweden’s Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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