DAMIEN to release 4 deluxe CD+DVD editions via Lost Realm Records

From Lost Realm Records :As you know, we are all into 80’s Metal, specially all styles of U.S. Metal. One thing is certain: we have always released bands that we enjoy listening, being them obscure bands with a couple of demos, or bigger bands with recorded studio albums. So far, it has been one hell of a ride for us! We have climbed many steps in these last few years and now, we are ready to climb some more.Directly from Toledo, Ohio, it is with a tremendous pleasure that we present DAMIEN as our new signed band!These guys need no introduction! They have been around since the early 80’s and never stopped since. Any U.S. Metal fancier knows them well, specially for their awesome full-length albums ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ and ‘Stop This War’. But DAMIEN easily enters in the category of bands that are always able to deliver tight and powerful Heavy Metal. Their 1996 full-length album ‘Angel Juice’ is a proof of that, as also their more recent album ‘Beyond Apathy’, from 2011. Perfect examples of Heavy Metal that makes your beard grow stronger!​

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