Lizzy Borden - 'My Midnight Things' Album Review

Lizzy Borden

“My Midnight Things”

Out June 15th, 2018

A Hauntingly Beautiful, Spin Chilling Release -

The new Lizzy Borden album “My Midnight Things” is everything you could want, and have been waiting for since the bands last release in 2007. Having been a fan of the band since the 1985 blood soaked platter “Love You to Pieces”. I was more than just a little giddy when I received the press release and promo copy of the new album. Call it dumb luck or chalk it up to Metal Gods starring down on me, it just so happened that the wife and kid were away for the weekend………so I cranked it to 10 (you know so the neighbors could enjoy it too, I’m not selfish).

My Midnight Things - The lead off single brings us the return of the mighty Lizzy Borden. After 11 long years of waiting Lizzy and the gang are back with one hell of an infectious tune. “My Midnight Things” has all the flavors of Borden’s past and future rolled into one.

Obsessed With You - It’s freaky, totally old-school and catchy as hell! Almost sounding like an 80’s version of Queensryche’s Geoff Tate wrapped around a lot more fun.

Long May They Haunt Us - Great song, great chorus, this is the one that will be stuck in your head long after the album has ended. Would make an excellent choice for a second single. It’s got that “Visual Lies” album vibe. Lizzy just writes great metal songs with infectious pop melodies.

The Scar Across My Heart - These guys just don’t miss a beat. This song would’ve been right at home on any of the bands late 80’s and early 90’s releases.

A Stranger to Love - the perfect Lizzy Borden anthem, for a band who never really had a huge hit, this album is chucked full of songs that should all be hits. “A Stranger to Love” is a masterful hard rock gem.

A Perfect Poison - Another great track that will satisfy the most hardcore Lizzy Borden fans out there. Definetly had me reminiscing about how much I love this band.

Run Away With Me - a little less metal, but still just so damn tasty! Damn if this dude can’t write the catchiest fucking songs. I think had he submitted this to Bon Jovi we would be hearing this one everywhere.

Our Love Is God - a kick ass, in your face rocker. “Our Love is God” has that menacing sound of early Lizzy Borden, updated slightly for the masses. Had this song been released in the late 90’s all the Manson fans would’ve gone ape shit crazy for it.

My Midnight Things ( Reprise ) - Hauntingly beautiful, a stripped down version of “My Midnight Things”. Reminiscent of the way Blackie Lawless can turn an acoustic / ballad into a spin chilling, hair on the arm raised moment. Lizzy captures this track on a whole other level.

We Belong to the Shadows - A sing along anthem “We Belong to the Shadows” ends the album the same way it started, with the listener singing along.

Lizzy Borden are in my opinion one of the most criminally overlooked bands ever! I’m not just talking hard rock and metal, this band has soldiered on for nearly 35 years releasing one great album after another. They are the complete package with the stage theatrics of Alice Cooper and Kiss the musical muscle to go toe to toe with the best of the best.

While the years seem to be getting longer between each release, it hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm and energy of Mr.Borden and the gang. If you’ve never taken the time to listen to the band “My Midnight Things” is a great place to start! Then go back and discover the rest of the bands incredible catalog.

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