CROSSON - Interview with Hair Band Heaven recently had a chance to chat with Jason Crosson, lead singer and guitarist of the Austrailan band Crosson. Jason talked about the bands upcoming release "Invincible", plans for touring and all things rock n roll.

HBH: Crosson has been around for a few years now, can you tell us a brief history of the band?

Jason: CROSSON was formed few years back, however we remained local in Australia with a few domestic releases.In 2015, we managed to secure legendary engineer / producer Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, Poison etc) to mix our album "Spreading the Rock N Roll Disease" which really stepped things up in terms production. Due to the fact that our genre is more popular abroad, we shopped the album and videos throughout Europe and secured a deal with German label Metalapolis Records which released the album internationally in 2016.

HBH: Your forthcoming album 'Invincible' will be released April 27th. Did you have a particular vision for the record before entering into the process?

Jason: The main focus with Invincible was topping the previous album in terms of song writing and production which I feel we have done tenfold. "Invincible" has much more happening in terms of guitar melodies, choirs etc which gives it a huge sonic boom.

HBH: You recently released a great new video “Never Give Up” as the lead off single from “Invincible”. I feel your definitely a band that benefits from video, with the visual aspect of the band. Can you talk a little about the new video and are there plans for more videos?

Jason: With the 'Never Give Up' video, we wanted to deliver something fun and comical which told a story as was different to anything else we had done. It was shot at the Australia’s famous Bondi Beach (my home town) and was directed by Steve Ravic who has worked on videos for Doro, Manowar, The Poodles etc. We have another two videos to accompany the album, ‘Unconditional Love’ (shot in a castle in Croatia) and Hero which will be released over the next few months.

HBH: There seems to be a ton of new rock and metal bands coming out of Australia these days. What’s the music scene like there as far as touring and radio play?

Jason: Australia is a relatively small market, especially with the genre of music we are playing. I literally had to hop on a plane and go overseas to get a deal. This seems to be the norm for many Aussie acts who want to make an international impact. We get more airplay and exposure in Germany, Canada and the US than we do in Australia. That being said, there are a number of venues that support the genre and we thank them for that.

HBH: Does the band plan on hitting the road for this summer in support of the new album?

Jason: Yes. We are currently working on the live show and should be up and running very shortly. The show is very theatrical and choreographed and the girls are amazing! If we are in your home town, be sure to come on down and witness the spectacle!!

HBH: Take it all the way back for us – what was it that made you realize that music was going to be your life? Was there a defining moment?

Jason: It would have to be the first time seeing Iron Maiden as a youngster. Watching all the flames, smoke and a 15 Ft Eddy walking around…. it was an epiphany!!

HBH: The majority of fans don’t give much thought to the business side of the music industry. What does it take to keep a band like Crosson on the rails and moving forward in the ever-changing climate we see today? What is the best way for fans to support artist these days?

Jason:What keeps the CROSSON machine going?? Determination, persistence and cash flow !!

Also the support from our label and support from sites such as Hair Band Heaven and The New Wave Of Hair Metal etc (there are too many to mention) have really helped us reach an audience. So thanks to all the sites out there that are supporting our genre of music!!The best way for fans to support artists would be to like the artist’s pages on Spotify, Facebook, Youtube etc, preferably buy a CD / download (instead of streaming as the makes nothing from that), come to the shows, buy some merch and most importantly share the videos on social media and spread the word.

HBH: Give us your top five albums of all-time?

Jason: This could change tomorrow, but as we speak:

HBH: It’s obvious that music has played an undeniable role in your life. What does Rock n Roll mean to you?

Jason: I think being a metal head is something that stays with you forever from that defining moment you get addicted. For me it was watching the Run To The Hills video on MTV. It becomes part of your soul and your way of life from scouring stores for CD’s, travelling miles to see a show, to proudly wearing the T shirt of your favourite band.

HBH: Anything you would like to add?

Jason: Just want to say thanks to Hair Band Heaven for the support you have given artists and for keeping the genre alive and kicking.

HBH: Thank You, Jason and good luck with "Invincible".

The new CROSSON album “INVINCIBLE” Landing 27th April 2018

Be sure to pick up a copy HERE

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