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CHRIS CAFFERY unveils artwork for next album 'The Jester's Court'

Savatage / Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Chris Caffery has checked in with tan update on his forthcoming solo album, The Jester's Court:

"A little bird just told me that this is going to be my next album cover!

It is an honor to have this piece of art from the Russian master artist Vladimir Barkov for the cover of The Jester's Court. I wanted a special image that really captured the spirit of this album and I stumbled upon this painting while searching Jesters on Google. It not only looks like me but it pins the meaning of the title in the image. This man is a true genius. I've seen many more of his works and they are amazing!

I've gotten to know him as a friend here and not only is he an amazing artist he is a very kind person with a genuinely passionate soul for the arts. I look forward to working together with him more in the future!

It's a great day!"

Caffery revealed some details of the new album back in October 2017:

"This is my tracklisting, which includes one of the Jester songs that's like one minute of guitar... will be finishing these songs and will decide if I should use them all after... excited about this material. The record should be out next June. Working title, The Jester's Court. May possibly use The Jester's Heart; that depends on how the artwork develops."

The Jester's Court tracklisting:

"Upon The Knee" "1989" "Inside My Heart" "Lost Tonite" "Protect My Soul" "The Jester's Heart" "Magic Man" "Baby You And I" "White Lie" "Watch" "Instrumental" (not named yet) "King Of The Dark" "The Jester's Court" "Then She's Gone"

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