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Nuno Bettencourt & Sinful (1984-85) (Demo Tapes)

Artist: Sinful Release: demo 1985 [Nuno Bettencourt] Country: Boston,MA USA Yes this is the same Nuno Bettencoust from EXTREME! A rare demo by Nuno's first band called SINFUL. As far I know this was recorded in 1985. Nuno's axe work here is jaw dropping. Some rare overlooked demos from this future guitar great. This deserves to be heard, and now you can hear the buried gem from years ago.

Track List:

1. Give Me A Wink: - 00:00

2. Little Racer: - 4:18

3. Always On My Mind: - 7:58

4. Midnight Hour: - 11:24

5. Love If You Want It: - 14:53

6. Welcome To My World: - 18:25

7. Look Both Ways: - 22:40

Band Members:

Jose Anes: - Vocals

Nuno Bettencourt (Pre-Extreme): - Guitar

Jeff Powell: - Bass

Bobby O'brien: - Drums

Youtube Uploader: Sam Kupper

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