Tales of the Metal 80's : Episode 1 Featuring DURTIE BLONDE

Bobby Murray -- Mike Franklin -- Roger Strommen -- Bill D'Angelo

Durtie Blonde

-Albuquerque Metal Magazine, Oct.1984 - Call them the glam-four, the glamsters, the glamblers or the glitter squad. Or call them whatever you want to, because along with death and taxes, one thing I certain: Before the smoke clears, every man, woman and child will have heard of and from Durtie Blonde.

Calling Albuquerque, NM, home for the time being, Durtie Blonde was formed in March, 1984. Roger Strommen and Bill D’Angelo are former members of Queen Bitch, while bassist Mike Franklin and drummer Bobby Murray were recruited into the ranks from local band Razor.

In less than one year, the four have become Albuquerque's hottest and biggest drawing rock attraction, selling out 1,200 seat venues such as Graham Central Station and the University of New Mexico's Sub Ballroom. In addition, the band supported Seattle rockers Rail at their September 1984 concert at Graham Central Station.

1985 YouTube - Durtie Blondie at GCS

The Band has a fanatical following, especially among it's female followers. This could explain why Durtie Blonde's audiences are often made up of more women than men. Dirtie Blonde have coined the term "Cinderella Metal" to describe their hard-driving, contagious sound. The band sees themselves as "the glass slippers of rock."

"We're not a heavy metal band," Murray says. We're loud and proud. We like a lot of singing, harmonies and good arrangements." The group does

booming business in merchandising. Durtie Blonde t-shirts and buttons are sold as quickly as they can be produced. The t-shirts come with a piece of paper attached which says "This shirt not to be worn unless torn or suitably mutilated." And if their distinctive, catchy musical style isn't enough, the band has the look; a colorful, visual image every bit as intense as their songs. And enough hair to easily cover the state of Rhode Island. Their huge stage show features a custom-made drum riser plus a wall of barred, black and white cabinets. But unlike some other bands, Durtie Blonde has their priorities set, and the image takes a back seat to the songs. "Our image isn't what we're presenting, we're presenting our music," Murray stated.

While the band has proved time and time again that it can kick some serious tail live, Durtie Blonde has also shown promise in the recording studio. They have recently completed a five-track; self financed demo tape that makes efforts of established bands sound tame in comparison.

Joey Alves and Leonard Haze of Y&T and Dokken's Jeff Pilsen have offered words of advice and encouragement to the band, and if Durtie Blonde continues to progress as rapidly as they have, it's just a matter of time before the band ​makes a lasting impression on the rock world. So take heed...Durtie Blonde is on the loose, and they take no prisoners. You have been forewarned. --Greg Andersen 1984

Durtie Blonde - Rat Infested Alley: Bobby's drum pedal takes a shit about 2:38 through the song & he yells, "Bass solo damnit!", hehe...his drum roadie, Shawn Davis, comes to the rescue and we continue. Durtie Blonde playing a sold out show at Graham Central Station, Alb,NM 1985.

Durtie Blonde playing Dirty Pool at a sold out show at Graham Central Station, Alb,NM 1985

Durtie Blonde - I Got What They Want


Bobby Murray continues to play drums and is currently living in Phoenix.

Mike is currently in the band "UNCLEAN" in Albuquerque

Roger is an engineer for IBM in Tuscon.

Bill D'Angelo passed away in Nov. 2005, RIP brother.

All Pictures and Bio provided by Mike Franklin - January 2007


Hairbandheaven.rocks was contacted shortly after we posted this story by the Mike the bass player from Durtie Blonde, and he offered to up date us on what the band members are doing in 2018.

This is Mike again, well, to update you on the members of Durtie Blonde, I'm currently in a band called 'Darken The Day" we're signed to Polyram Records out of Dallas.

Darken The Day on Facebook

We have just released our second CD and here is a link to our web-page:


I also have a side project that is kinda the punk/thrash vein called 'Destroy to Recreate' that i'm currently rewriting all new songs with them.


Bobby Murray is currently in a high energy 2 piece acoustic outfit called 'Rise of Seekalae'


Roger Strommen, is still living in Tuscon AZ and is still an Engineer for IBM.

He comes to town and visits and we get together with Bobby's band and all sit in and do some acoustic songs, we did this a while back and it was the first time we have been together on stage in 30 years all together...lol

I have a video of it I'll have to find and send you.

Bill D'Angelo passed in 2005 RIP Bill!



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