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Rage ‘n’ Steel – “The Refugee” video from new EP “Heavy Metal Is The Law”

Rage ‘n’ Steel and their new release, EP “Heavy Metal Is The Law”. Is the second release for the Athens based Heavy Metal band, and including three new songs. “The Refugee”

Rage’n’Steel were formed in December 2010 in Athens, Greece by Meletis (Mel), James and Jim. The idea is quite simple: Powerful Heavy Metal songs to be heard live on stage either cover songs or their own creations. The goal is to offer the audience something worth to headbang about. To this cause the two Nick joined them. Nicholas the drummer and Nick taking up the vocals. After a series of live appearances their singer needed to give it up after some sensitive personal problems. Andrew was to replace Nick after auditioning for the position. But unfortunately due to health related problems Nicholas the drummer had to stop and in his place an energy bomb joined them behind the drum set; George. They really consider themeselves lucky to have performed together with the two Nick and their are honored to have them by their side to support us. In late November 2012 they entered the studio to record their debut EP. We’ll rise again..was released in early January 2013 and consists of 3 songs.Bob Katsionis participated as a guest musician and composed the keyboards introduction of their first song, Rage and Steel. Afterwards, singer John Kalyvas joined his ideas and his voice with the band in the position of the band’s lead vocalist, while George left the band for personal reasons. Now the band works with a session drummer to perform live, rehearse and record. Our new EP entitled Heavy Metal Is The Law is now available and features 3 songs.

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