Jizzy Pearl 'All You Need Is Soul' Album Review

Jizzy Pearl

“All You Need Is Soul”

There’s something huge, cocky and just down right gnarly about this record that gives it major attitude. Jizzy Pearl is spitting pure venom, with his trademark snarl that lays waste to all wannabes and posers who dare step in his ring of rock-n-roll.

For fans of Love/Hates debut album “Black Out in the Red Room”, this is a return to form for the singer who has in the years since lent his vocals to legendary bands such as Ratt, Quiet Riot, and L.A.Guns. “All You Need is Soul” is Jizzy Pearl at his very best short straight ahead, in your face rockers chuck full of attitude and piss and vinegar.

‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’ The lead off single, an ass kicking old-school rocker! Showing this ageless rocker hasn’t lost a step in nearly 30 years.

”Coming’ Home to the Bone” is pure Love/Hate and the title is pretty self explanatory. Great tune that sets the mood for things to come.

“High For An Eye” starts with a patent Jizzy scream and the chugging guitars of Darren Housholder. Possibly the catchiest riff laden track on the album and just like that your head bobbing and foot tapping to the beat.

“All You Need Is Soul” is a throwback to the “Let’s Rumble” sound with Darren Householders guitar work. and Jizzy’s youthful delivery.

“House of Sin” there’s a hint of that classic Ratt sound here, maybe those year fronting the band some of the phrasing slipped in. Killer tune all around lyrically and musically.

“Mortified” it’s everything I remember and loved about originally hearing Love/Hate. The guitar tone and and no frills approach to rock n roll.

“Frustrated” a pummeling metallic force with energy to spare and a frantic vocal attack! Pearl at his best!

“When the Devil Comes” Love this tune, great guitar work, with a underlining guitar riff and killer solos.

”You Don’t Know What It’s Like” has an almost Tom Keifer vibe to it. Great classic sounding rock n roll number, one of my favorite tracks on “All You Need Is Soul”.

“It Doesn’t Matter” Slows things down a bit and could’ve been a classic 70’s ballad, Jizzy showing he’s more than a one trick pony. Great ballad!

“Little Treasures” that signature Love/Hate groove is in full effect here.

“Mr.Jimmy” reminds me more of something off “Wasted In America” it’s in your face and a perfect way to end the album on a high note.


1) You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

2) Comin' Home To The Bone

3) High For An Eye

4) All You Need Is Soul

5) House Of Sin

6) Mortified

7) Frustrated

8) When The Devil Comes

9) You Don't Know What It's Like

10) It Doesn't Matter

11) Little Treasures

12) Mr. Jimmy





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