Jason Becker autographed and thumb printed posters available via Jason Beckers Ebay shop

Sales of these posters benefit the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. This ebay store is the official Team Becker Family store.These posters are signed and thumb printed by Jason Becker (Gary Becker legally signs for Jason). Each thumb print is unique and comes straight from Jason's right thumb!This poster features Laurie Sato's Cacophony (Jason Becker & Marty Friedman) logo and art.The poster measures approximately 12" x 18".From Jason: This art is drawn by Laurie Sato, back in the day.

Laurie was Marty Friedman's girlfriend during the Cacophony days. Those times were so much fun! I remember the three of us, and my brother Ehren, went to a shop in Berkeley, and some kid who worked there started telling us about a cool new band called Cacophony. We were cracking up! I asked him who the better guitarist was, Marty or Jason. He couldn't pick. We never did tell him who we were. Love you, Laurie!​

This poster features the iconic Ross Pelton "Guitar Kiss" photograph of Jason Becker. RossPeltonPhotography.net

The poster measures approximately 11"x17"

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