Lordi to release 'Sexorcism' May 25th; unveil track list and album cover

Finland's Lordi will release their ninth studio album, Sexorcism, on May 25th via AFM Records. Possibly their most controversial record to date, the album is a full on and uncensored shot of Lordi's brand of hard rock and roll.

Sexorcism was recorded and mixed at the legendary Finnvox studios by Mikko Karmila, who is no stranger to the band being the producer of their 2014 release Scare Force One.

Sexorcism tracklisting:

"Sexorcism" "Your Tongue's Got The Cat" "Romeo Ate Juliet" "Naked In My Cellar" "The Beast Is Yet To Cum" "Polterchrist" "SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon" "Slashion Model Girls" "Rimskin Assassin" "Hell Has Room" "Hot & Satanned" "Sodomesticated Animal" "Haunting Season"

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