REAL MACHINE by SUPERCHARGER to be released June 1st

REAL MACHINE by SUPERCHARGER to be released June 1st.

Time to fire up SUPERCHARGER once again. Time to start the REAL MACHINE. It’s been a long time but SUPERCHARGER is here to stay and with the release of their 4th studio album, the band will soon be roaring from European stages, doing what their fans love about them: Delivering great shows with an unstoppable, pounding energy and a disarming charm.

REAL MACHINE was created entirely at Sound Matters Cph. with bass player Karsten Dines Johansen as main producer. The songs were written while they were recorded. First takes are no rare events on this album and therefore the album offers a closer look into the SUPERCHARGER core machinery. The 10 songs are recognizable as SUPERCHARGER work. This because they stay true to their roots with heavy riffs, mean beats and steel guitars along with their signature elements of blues harp and keys. But – maybe for the first time – it demonstrates the versatility and musical capabilities of this band by exploring new sounds with synths and samples. And even though you can rest assured that the SUPERCHARGER heart still beats for good old rock n’ roll with all its clichés and tall tales, you will also be surprised by songs that have other stories to tell.

It was a long hard journey from the last album, with bumps on the road, but SUPERCHARGER has been revitalized and found their strength within the REAL MACHINE!

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