Beautiful Creatures 'Beautiful Creatures' - Retro Album Review

I'm not sure where to start - this CD is ROCK SOLID. Every track is fantastic/there is no "filler" here. The easiest way to describe the music herein would be a cross between Guns N' Roses (AFD)& AC/DC. Joe Leste (vocals) sounds better than ever (if you like his first band, Bang Tango, check this out - Joe's vox are MUCH BETTER here & the band is more talented)and DJ Ashba (lead guitarist) brings back the days of screaming/soaring solos. He doesn't play just to flaunt his obvious musicianship, but structures his solos perfectly within each song. Whether melodic and beautiful or crunching and complex, his dexterity and instrumental skill is unparalleled. Anthony Focx(rhythm guitarist) provides a solid backing, as do Glen Sobel (THUNDERING drummer) & Kenny Kweens (bassist extraordinaire!). In addition to their musical prowess, the entire band is extremely personable/nice. Their live show is full of energy and will not leave you disappointed. These guys MOVE, own the stage and you are left with no doubt they played every note on their CD. I just can't promote BC enough! ...Onto the songs...! "1 AM" leads of the album - catchy, hook-filled and a great lead track. "Wasted" is the album's first single and the chorus will stick in your head on the first listen! "Step Back" is the edgiest/hardest song on the CD & is full of intensity. "Ride" rocks along mightily and "Wish" slows things down a bit... lyrics that are very easy to relate to. Then it's time to for more driving power as "Kick Out" picks up - the solo in this song is my fav. on the CD... "BlackList" is another great song which starts slow & gradually leads into a rocking chorus. "Kickin' For Days" reminds me of early GN'R, however, BC adds their own style to make it distinctly their own. "Time & Time Again" is a fantastic ballad (though not a "power" 80's-style one). "Goin' Off" is great to drive to (road rage! lol), while "New Orleans" is my fav. track on the CD. It's got fabulous guitarwork (leads reminiscent of Slash somewhat) and is instantly memorable! The album closes with "I Got It All," which I jokingly refer to as "the best AC/DC song they never recorded." Though I make frequent comparisons to older bands, BC is very unique and "current." While including sing-along choruses and melody, there is still a freshness about this CD that brings me back to it each and every day. If you're looking for something you can bang your head to, sing along with AND appreciate the quality of, this album is a MUST.

Original reviewed on September 26, 2001

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