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SALEMS LOTT release new music video for “Shattered to Pieces”

Hollywood based rockers SALEMS LOTT have released a new video for the track “Shattered to Pieces” from their new upcoming album “Mask Of Morality” to be released on April 6. 2018.

Salems Lott guitarist Jett has checked in with the following comment:

“This track is a very universal song as most people have had to deal with the sudden affliction of sickness or loss of those who are close to them and the accompanying forms of grief, anger and acceptance. It’s very different from the band’s previous work and showcases a diversity in the band’s sound.”

Salems Lott Band Line-Up:

Monroe Black – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar Jett – Lead Guitar, Vocals Kay – Lead Bass, Vocals Tony F. Corpse – Drums

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