The New Wave Of Hair Metal Weekend News Report (March 17, 2018)

To the NWOHM fan's around the world,

Are you ready for another action packed, hair raising week of news updates from the genre of modern hair metal? New video/singles, new tours, and of course a look ahead at all of the up coming happenings. Let's start with the Crazy One's!

🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪 are taking their Just Ruffness tour back to Russia this weekend. Tonight they'll are in St. Petersburg, and tomorrow they'll be in Moscow. Two trips to Russia on one tour! Incredible! The fan's there love the band!

🇸🇪Crashdiet🇸🇪 have added more dates to their up and coming tour. They have added a stop in Belgium on April 23rd. Maverick will be the support act. They also announced that they are playing the Indoor Summer 2018 in Germany with Treat, The Poodles, Vega, and Night Laser! This event will take place in September.

🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 announced the "Italy's Got A Problem" in May! For three straight night's they'll be touring Italy! The 25th they'll be at the Grindhouse in Padova. The 26th they'll be at the Officine Sonore in Vercelli. And on the 27th they'll be at the Circus Club in Firenze. The support band's will be 🇮🇹Speed Stroke🇮🇹 and 🇮🇹The Lethal Idols🇮🇹! Don't miss your chance to see this tour!

🇸🇪Blackout Express🇸🇪 guitarist, Chris Young dropped this news on Monday March 12th:

"I would like to inform that I'm no longer part of Blackout Express. We did some great stuff together that I'm very proud of. We recorded a single, played many gigs and kicked ass. Together we won the single of the month twice at The New Wave Of Hair Metal page.

But at the moment I have other important things going on in my life that I need to focus. So we talked and they support 100% my decision, we're obviously still friends!

I wish them all the best and I'm glad to announce that my great pal Stone Sinna from Sparkle Kick is the one who will be replacing me on the band until they get another permanent guitarist.

Thank you all for the support!


The fans will miss you, Chris!

Four video's and one single came out this week! 🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹, 🇺🇸Love Stallion🇺🇸, and 🇦🇺Black Alpine🇦🇺 dropped their video's on Thursday. Sandness released their third and final video/single "Monster Inside Me" from their 2016 album "Higher & Higher". It's a professional video, while also a bit of a lyric video.

Love Stallion made their music video debut with the song "Slow Release" from their up coming debut album "Unforgettable Ride" due out on June 2nd.

And Black Alpine released "Melt The Snow". On Friday 🇮🇹17Crash🇮🇹 gave us their latest video "Rum All Night" from their second album coming out on March 30th. This is the second video from that album. Last month their video for "Can't Touch" went to the #1 spot on TNWOHM video/single contest. Can they repeat the magic? The video is very good and it features Alessio Cattuci.

And in the world of singles, 🇬🇧Maverick🇬🇧 have released their second one for the song "Kiss Of Fire" from their up coming album "Cold Star Dancer" due out on April 6th.

The Young Three Of Melodic Hard Rock News segment (🇫🇮Santa Cruz🇫🇮, 🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮, 🇱🇻Bloody Heels🇱🇻):

Santa Cruz started the week with a show in Las Vegas! Drummer Tazzy Cruz took pictures of the KISS miniature golf course and posted them on his Instagram page. The band spent the week touring through the Cascadia area of the US. They made stops in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. They are now off to do a few headline shows in Billings, Fargo, Minneapolis, and Mankato. They'll be rejoining the Fozzy tour on March 27th in Milwaukee.

In Shiraz Lane news, frontman Hannes Kett celebrated his 25th birthday on Thursday! I hope it rocked, dude! Shiraz Lane are playing at the GONG tonight in Turku. They have also added new dates to their up coming Finnish tour. And while we are waiting for the new Bloody Heels music video, they have added a pile of new dates of touring with more to come! They'll be in Scandinavia in July.

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Denman🇺🇸 will be at the Mercy Lounge on March 31st. 🇨🇦Dextress🇨🇦 will be at the Shakers in Edmonton on March 23rd, followed by the next night in Red Deer at the Vat. Tickets are still available. 🇺🇸Leathurbitch🇺🇸 lead guitarist, Patrick Sandiford is celebrating his birthday today. 🇨🇦Love Razer🇨🇦 have finished their debut album "Border City Rebels". It is now being sent out to be pressed. ( Check out the artwork below )

🇺🇸Once Around🇺🇸 will be releasing their video "Ghost" on March 23rd! 🇨🇦Rusted🇨🇦 are in the studio getting ready for their new album. 🇺🇸Salems Lott🇺🇸 have slashed the pre-order sales price to only $7.99 for their album "Mask Of Morality". This offer will expire, so act fast!

🇨🇦Sleazy Way Out🇨🇦 played to a packed audience on Monday night when they opened for Michael Schenker! 🇺🇸Station🇺🇸 will be at The Gramercy Theatre on March 29th. This is the biggest NYC show they have played yet. 🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 will be at the House Of Blues in Houston on March 21st. 🇺🇸WICKED🇺🇸 will be playing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on April 11th. They'll be supporting Punky Meadows and Frank Dimino of Angel. Get your tickets now! 🇺🇸Wildstreet🇺🇸 will be at the St. Vitus bar on March 29th.

Northern Europe (Nordic countries):

🇸🇪Eclipse🇸🇪 will be doing an in store appearance and signing autographs at Tower Records in Tokyo on April 26th. 🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 played at the Folkparken Skelleftea today. 🇸🇪H.E.A.T.🇸🇪 announced that they'll be making their first trip ever to Greece on June 30th for the Chania Rock Fest. 🇳🇴NiteRain🇳🇴 have a great article wrote about them in TR Magazine! 🇫🇮Reckless Love🇫🇮 returned to action last night at the Katse.

🇸🇪Strykenine🇸🇪 have been busy in the studio. 🇸🇪Taste🇸🇪 are busy recording the final vocal & guitar tracks for their up coming album.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

🇬🇧Bigfoot🇬🇧 will be at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on April 14th. 🇬🇧DAMN DICE🇬🇧 have a few video posts on their page from the studio. As well as lead guitarist Wallis shredding away. Definitely worth a watch! 🇬🇧Midnite City🇬🇧 hoodie's are coming soon! 🇮🇪W.A.L.K.E.R.🇮🇪 will be playing their first ever headline show at downstairs Fibber Magges on April 7th. Be on the lookout for other big news coming from them soon.

Western Europe:

🇫🇷BlackRain🇫🇷 fan's should go to the BlackRain UK page and check out the pictures from the Sleazefest that took place on March 10th. 🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 will have a new song titled "Seems So Real" that will be released on March 30th! The artwork for the single was drawn by their bassist Stanley. 🇫🇷Gorgeous🇫🇷 will be playing in Jupilles on April 7th. 🇩🇪Pussy Sisster🇩🇪 are living in the studio right now. 🇩🇪Night Laser🇩🇪 and 🇩🇪Pyrus🇩🇪 played the "Glam Metal In The Universe" show together last Saturday in Munich. 🇫🇷Rakel Traxx🇫🇷 are writing new tunes! 🇨🇭Rusted Guns🇨🇭 are playing at the Barracuda tonight. 🇩🇪Snakebite🇩🇪 will be giving some news about their up coming album soon. Be on the lookout for that!

Eastern Europe, and European Russia:

🇨🇿Bad Jokers Cream🇨🇿 will be playing the Black Fox party at the Barrak Music Club on March 23rd. 🇷🇺Bosphorus Night🇷🇺 will be playing on March 31st at the Carpets club (??? I hope I got that right! The translation button only provided so much). 🇨🇿Double Raw🇨🇿 will be releasing their new single "High Society" within the next few days or so. 🇨🇿Nasty Ratz🇨🇿 had to cancel their show in Ricany due to frontman Jake Widow feeling under the weather. They will make up the show in the future. 🇨🇿Sweet Leopard🇨🇿 will hold the Spring Sweet Fest 5 on April 27th.


Most of the big news from Italy made the top stories. 🇮🇹Cream Pie🇮🇹 will be playing at the Old Jesse in Soranno on March 23rd. 🇮🇹Reckless🇮🇹 are apart of "Glam Rock Day" at the Boston Square in Vecenza. They'll be joined by GLAMSTAR.

Australia, and New Zealand:

The 🇦🇺Catalano🇦🇺 page has come back to life again! They have a new album coming soon and the pictures are flying! 🇦🇺Crosson🇦🇺 will be releasing their second album "Invincible" on April 27th!

The track listing is as followed:

01. Rock Warriors

02. Never Give Up

03. Success Needs No Apologies

04. Hero

05. Unconditional Love

06. Broken

07. Invincible

08. Rebel Train

09. Livin’ The Life

10. Back To Hell

🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 have a few up coming gigs posted. And "Art of the heart" & "So Dirty Right" are available for free download on triple j Unearthed.

🇦🇺Sisters Doll🇦🇺 will be playing a major headline show! Tickets go on sale Monday March 19th. 🇦🇺Snake Bite Whisky🇦🇺 bassist, Stacii celebrated his birthday yesterday. Hope it rocked, dude!

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

🇧🇷Inluzt🇧🇷 are only playing two shows in April. But the reason is because they are finishing recording their debut album! 🇧🇷Pleasure Maker🇧🇷 are playing at the Calabouco Heavy & Rock bar on the 23rd. 🇧🇷Tales From The Porn🇧🇷 will be playing at the Manifesto bar on April 7th.

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇮🇳Girish And The Chronicles🇮🇳 are playing a Maibang tonight. 🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 have been nominated for two categories in the South African Metal Music Awards. The ceremony will be held on April 7th at Rumours Rock City.

Video of the week (March 11 - March 17):

🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 - So Dirty Right (lyric video)

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything. And if anything new pops up I'll do my best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

Tom - Admin

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