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John Corabi - Live at The Shrunken Head - Concert Review Columbus,OH March 16, 2018

John Corabi, current lead singer of The Dead Daisies (former singer for Union, Motley Crue, The Scream), is currently on a mini run of acoustic shows. Armed with a few acoustic guitars and the voice of a rock God, he brought his memorable storytelling and vocal prowess to The Shrunken Head in Columbus, OH. on March 16, 2018 and proceeded to entertain and rock the packed house.

The The Shrunken Head provided the perfect intimate setting for a night that was as much about the music as it was about the storytelling. His set started off with Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore) from the first Union album and If I Never Get To Say Goodbye, from his Unplugged album, John shared the the message to always tell the people close to you that you love them, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

John then told the story of how he met, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, during the making of the self-titled Motley Crue album. Similar to how some fans often can’t get up enough nerve to speak to their own idols, this was the same reaction John had after he found out Aerosmith were recording in the same studio. After a week or so had passed, he was sitting in the lounge area, playing around on the guitar, jamming songs including Aerosmith’s Seasons of Wither. As the story goes, John had been avoiding Steven, until that is, Steven took the opportunity and tapped John on the shoulder to tell him he was playing the song the wrong way. After showing him the correct way, they played and sang it together. John stated that it was still one of the highlights of his life. John's voice is perfectly suited for the song . (check out the video below)

Next, John treated everyone to a brilliant cover of David Bowie’s Lady Stardust before he switched out his 6-string guitar for a 12-string, for Misunderstood from the 1994 self-titled Motley Crue album. (watch the video below)

He mixed in songs from The Dead Daises Something I Said and the killer track Dead from Union as well as many others.

He ended the night with the Motley Crue song, Hooligan’s Holiday, which had the crowd rocking and singing along. “I’m on a holiday, hooligan’s holiday.” The only thing missing on this night was The Scream’s Man In The Moon.

Whether he was making jokes during the stories, or throwing out quick comebacks to comments from the audience, John’s sense of humor was part of what made the show so special. He also took the time to thank the fans for coming out, and stayed at the merch both long after the show had ended to sign autographs and take pictures . John Corabi’s performance showed all the signs of an artist that still fully loves what he does for a living, and his stories are those of a blue collar hard working man who just happens to be as big of a fan of music as all of us.

Thanks for a great night of music John.

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