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Judas Priest - 'Firepower' Album Review

A modern day Heavy Metal MASTERPIECE! Harkening back to the glory days of the mighty Priest. “FIREPOWER” is a lesson in badass-ness. The twin guitar attack of Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner is on full display and the ageless wonder Rob Halford puts on a vocal clinic from start to finish.

“Firepower” It’s like listening to a long lost track from “Ram It Down”. While many singers from the late 70’s and early 80’s have long since lost some vocal range. Mr.Halford proves over and over on “Firepower” that there is a reason they refer to him as the Metal God.

“Lightning Strikes” I’ll bring you the head of the demon, pealing the skin from his face……this song rips from the opening lines to every power chord and thundering drum contained within. Possibly one of the best Judas Priest songs ever written!

“Evil Never Dies” just when you think you’ve got your favorite song nailed down.”Evil Never Dies” starts up and you’re left trying to pick up the pieces off your mind that Priest have just blown to shreds.

“Never the Heroes” for now at this very moment in time….my favorite track on ”Firepower”, but it could end up being any of the other songs with my next listen ( every song is that fucking good! ). I think this track represents Priest at their very best. Everything that is so great about the mighty Priest can be found here.

“Necromancer” full on from the get go. One hell of a kick ass, head-banging metal monster.

“Children of the Sun” would’ve felt right at home on “Painkiller”. As much as will be made of how great Rob Halford sounds on this album (and he does) Glen and Richie laid down one crushing guitar track after another and “Children of the Sun” is no exception.

“Rising From the Ruins” love Halford’s voice on this song…..and that fuckin’ guitar solo!

“Flame Thrower” a few dare I say ….”Turbo” era melodies, crazy infectious guitar work. Rob Halford’s vocal delivery is spot on ( as is the case with all of “Firepower” )

“Spectre” such a badass song! It’s right there with some of the best tracks on the album. Such memorable guitar riffs just keeping oozing out like some kind of toxic spill. The vocal has a bit of an Alice Cooper-ish sounding breakdown in the middle of the song, before the guitar solo commences to completely rip your face off!

“Traitors Gate” Oh man……I love this song! If there is any justice in this world, Priest will include this song and several others from the new album in this years live set.

“No Surrender” so good! Think a throwback to mid 80’s Priest. Straight ahead balls to the wall Rocker!

“Lone Wolf” another track with guitar riffs that just get stuck in your head. I found myself humming this riff over and over trying to figure out where the hell I had heard it. The following day when I started the album up for it’s mandatory repeat sessions, I'm like ……there it is!!

“Sea of Red” Brilliant opening vocal overtop an acoustic intro, when the song kicks in at about the 2:30 mark, theres no denying the power of the track. Full of great backing vocals, frenzied fret work and crushing drums.

So there it is…’s ok…………just kidding, it’s BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in just a few short weeks at The Masonic Temple in Detroit.​

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