Denman's Dakota Denman: Riff of the Week Extreme 'Play With Me'

Dakota Denman​ performs this weeeks 'Riff of the Week' : Extreme's 'Play With Me'. you can check out Dakota's riff series on Youtube Here

Formed in the spring of 2016 by brothers Ben, and Dakota Denman, recent Nashville transplants who had a vision: taking the Nashville music scene by storm, with hard rock/ heavy metal songs that are raw and full of attitude. They'll put on a show full of energy that takes you back in time to a sweaty rock show some years ago. Their sound is rounded out by the Swedish heavy hitter on drums, Ted Karol, and fellow Nashville Hard Rocker, Robbie Crede on bass. Soon after forming, they found themselves being produced by Michael Wagener, and sharing the stage with Mr Big, Beasto Blanco, Alice Cooper, and more. Their debut EP 'The life we live was released in 2017, and a full length album is being recorded by Wagener early 2018.

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