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Little Punk People Interviews Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss

Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People spoke with Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss this past Friday before the who at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJIn this interview, Nita reveals that the most valuable thing that she learned during her touring experience with Alice Cooper is how to treat people. When speaking of bands doing meet & greets, she says that, “Sometimes, you know, I see other bands do their meet & greet and they’ll just bring people through like ‘Hey, picture... you’re done. Hey, next picture… you’re done.’ Alice will sit and talk to people for like five or ten minutes. Sometimes we’re waiting for him on the bus for like an hour or two because he sits and spends time with people and appreciates people. And I think that’s really, really valuable.”When Elliott asked Nita what it was like growing up as a metalhead in school, she talked about the positive influence that the metal community is as a whole: “The metal community as you know, and as you guys know watching this, it’s so amazing and supportive. They’ll include anybody. People think that metalheads are these crazy, you know… crazy bunch of people but the metalheads I know will include kids, older people, Black, girls, Asians... anybody is welcome in our community as long as you love heavy metal. And so that’s what I found at a really young age.”Watch below:​

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