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Aerodyne 'Breaking Free' - Album Review



A four piece group based in the underground scene of Gothenburg, Sweden. After years of fighting the rock scene battle, in a several bands, they decided to give it just another shot by starting a new band, and doing everything a little bit stronger and better. 

Formed in the late spring of 2016, Aerodyne have managed to release a single with video and an EP, and now a  new album “Breaking Free”


From the patient, rising tension and  ecstatic release of the L.A.Guns-esque opening of ‘As Above, So Below,’ right through to the heady-guitar-ripping-meets-full-throttle-rock of “Breaking Free” to the closer, ‘Back To Back,’ Aerodyne manage to keep things, not just interesting, but balls-to-wall, entertaining.


For me the stand -out tracks : The title track "Breaking Free" is a sweat-drenched rocker, "Pedal to the Floor" is a full on Gang Chorus Rock n Roll throw back, with plenty of guitar pyrotechnics. "We All Live A Lie" probably a favorite track of mine off the album. More great backing vocals and a killer groove throughout. 


Aerodyne “Breaking Free” is a hugely satisfying, all told, it's evidence that the younger generation has come to keep the spirit of 80’s metal alive and well! Members


Daniel Almqvist - Lead Vocals
Johan Bergman - Guitar & Vocals
Timmy Kan - Bass & Vocals
Christoffer Almqvist - Drums & Vocals

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