The New Wave Of Hair Metal Weekend News Report March 3, 2018

To the NWOHM fan's around the world,

Welcome once again to the Weekend News Report. It was another HOT week! So hot that you would swear it was in the middle of July! Nope. It was the tail end of February, and the beginning of March.

The top story is the February video/single contest. This one was the biggest one yet. It featured 14 band's! It had the largest turnout yet in a monthly contest. The top three spots went to:

#3) Dangerous Curves - Art Of The Heart

#2) Nasty Ratz - Poetic Justice

#1) 17 Crash - Can't Touch

I would like to congratulate all of the band's for making the cold nasty month of February seem like it was the hot month of July.

March 3rd is an important date in modern hair metal history. So much is happening in a single day. 🇮🇹17 Crash🇮🇹 broke the record for the most votes received in a contest. The record was previously held by 🇱🇻Bloody Heels🇱🇻 for their video "

Cheap Little Liar". After 9 straight months it was finally broke. In an ironic twist, the day that it was broke is also the day that Bloody Heels started shooting their NEW video! But more on that later. So congratulations once again to 17 Crash on their successful day. They've had a lot to celebrate these past few day's. They were also the cover of TNWOHM monthly picture for this social media magazine.

🇫🇷BlackRain🇫🇷 started their mini tour yesterday. The first stop was the Marnaz Metal & Rock fest in France. The band took some time off after extensive touring from their 2016 album "Released". The Paris Powerhouses are back! And tonight they're at the L'amperage in Grenoble.

🇸🇪Crashdiet🇸🇪 were a little quiet this week, but they have a lot to prepare for. Their next show is in their hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on the 30th. For fan's in Germany, they'll be playing the 14th anniversary party for the Paunchy Cats club with 🇸🇪Trench Dogs🇸🇪 and 🇮🇹Speed Stroke🇮🇹 (more on Speed Stroke in a bit).

Are you wondering how the process of the debut album from 🇳🇴The Cruel Intentions🇳🇴 is going? Co-founder/bassist, Mats Wernerson told me that they still working their asses off getting everything prepared for it's release. He told me that their isn't a date to announce yet, but to watch their Facebook and Instagram pages for news real soon.

I received several messages about 🇭🇷Animal Drive🇭🇷. They had a video for the song "Had Enough" released in February. There was so much going on that it got skipped. To make up for it, their video will be entered into the March video/single contest and I'll give them the video of the week.

🇮🇹Sandness🇮🇹 has been a little quiet lately, and normally they are in the news quite a bit. I had a messenger conversation with bassist/vocalist Mark Denkley to see how the new video was coming

along and if new gigs are coming up. He told me that the video is almost ready. The band has watched the preview of it and they very happy with how it turned out. As far as gigs go, they are planning stuff for this Fall. In the meantime they are busy writing songs for their new album! So it looks as though they'll be busy in the studio in the coming months. But once the new video is ready he'll send me the link.

What is the inside scoop on 🇮🇹Speed Stroke🇮🇹? To find out, read what frontman Jack The Ripper has to say:

"The new album is still in phase of preproduction, with our new guitarist Michael Crimson filling the empty spot of Niko we thought would have been right to express his potential making him re-recording and write together all we've have done previously with niko.

This has slowed down the process but we wanted him to have an active part on the writing process, because he's a really good songwriter other that an awesome guitar player.

We don't know when we'll enter the studio, surely within 2018, hoping to release it as soon as possibile.

Right now we have the skeleton of 10 songs, our "Slave to the grind" sound has improved as Hell and gained a couple of fast paced songs Motorhead style that are super sweet (among my favorite ever).

We hope we can share something soon.. in the meantime we keep on spreading our music around Europe"

My boys in 🇫🇮Temple Balls🇫🇮 are writing new tunes. And the readers of Burrn! Magazine (the leaders in heavy metal coverage in Japan) have voted them as the second brightest hope. They also announced that they'll be playing the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival taking place at the end of June and ending on July 1st in Finland.

The Young Three of melodic hard rock news segment (🇫🇮Santa Cruz🇫🇮, 🇫🇮Shiraz Lane🇫🇮, 🇱🇻Bloody Heels🇱🇻):

The report that is inside of a report! As I said last week, due to high demand of updates from these three band's, this segment will be covering them every week. They're young, they play hard rock/heavy metal, all three are loaded with melodies, and they are getting attention from all over the world. Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't help to look at what they are going to do next.

Santa Cruz landed safely in the US on Thursday morning. They are supporting Fozzy on their Judas Rising tour. The action on the high road started in Houston, Texas on March 1st. Followed immediately by the next night in Dallas. They're still in the Lone Star state, and they'll be in Lubbock tonight. They've also added some headline dates for later in the month. They're hitting almost every major city in the US. Over to Shiraz Lane, tonight they are doing their album release party for "Carnival Days" at the Nosturi in Helsinki. The Riff Helsinki gave away two tickets to the event. But if you can't be at this event, then be sure to be here for the Shiraz Lane SUPER Saturday Special coming later on today. There will be video's, singles, picture's, and live material. Moving south to Latvia, Bloody Heels lead guitarist, Harry Rivers is now endorsed by the American company Planet Tone guitar pick ups. Nice job, Harry! The band have started to shoot the third and final music video for their debut album "Through Mystery". The song they chose is the title track. It's been an eventful past couple of day's for these three group's. Tune in next week to keep up with all the latest happenings.

Quick bits:

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico):

🇺🇸Denman🇺🇸 lead guitar wizard Dakota Denman has more video's of him playing tricky guitar leads on their page. He does an awesome rendition of Crossroads that was played by Steve Vai in that 1986 movie. 🇨🇦Dextress🇨🇦 will be playing the Jim Beam "Make History" talent search in Edmonton on March 8th. Give 'em Hell, dude's!

Tickets are moving for the 🇨🇦Love Razer🇨🇦 "Border City Rebels" album release party in Windsor on April 28th. Get 'em before they are sold out. 🇺🇸Love Stallion🇺🇸 will be dropping their new video for the song "Slow Release" on March 15th. 🇺🇸Once Around🇺🇸 announced the dates from their "Leaving Home" Spring tour that begins on April 5th. They'll be in the Detroit area on the 6th. 🇺🇸Salems Lott🇺🇸 finally have their cd's of "Mask Of Morality" in! You can pick yours up by heading to their page.

🇺🇸Steel Panther🇺🇸 fan's in Australia: the band sold out their show in Melbourne so fast that they've added a second show! 🇺🇸WICKED🇺🇸 played their first show with their new stage outfits last weekend at the Oneida American Legion. They'll be in Albany on March 10th.

Northern Europe (Nordic countries):

🇸🇪Blackout Express🇸🇪 played at the Pipeline in Sundsvall last weekend. 🇸🇪Confess🇸🇪 will be at the Sleazefest in Bochum, Germany on March 10th. This is a jam packed festival loaded with stars. An absolute MUST for German fans of this genre. 🇸🇪Crazy Lixx🇸🇪 will be playing it as well. 🇸🇪Cruzh🇸🇪 will be playing the HRH AOR festival on March 9th. They are set to play at 3:00 pm on stage one. 🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 will be in Karlstad on March 9th. As I reported last week, 🇸🇪H.E.A.T.🇸🇪 frontman/mega-star Erik Gronwall will be in the US for a few weeks to work on Jesus Christ Superstar airing on NBC on April 1st.

🇫🇮The Local Band🇫🇮 are rehearsing? Well, Olli Herman joked and said that they never rehearse, while they were rehearsing. What are they rehearsing for? Among other shows, they will be in Japan when Santa Cruz visits there in June. 🇳🇴NiteRain🇳🇴 will also be at the Sleazefest on March 10th. 🇫🇮Reckless Love🇫🇮 will be at the Katse Ravintolat on March 16th in Finland. 🇫🇮Rust N' Rage🇫🇮 will be hittin' the stage again on April 13th in Tampere.

United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:

🇬🇧DAMN DICE🇬🇧 added more dates to this year's touring schedule.

🇬🇧Maverick🇬🇧 released their new song "Myrmidon" from their up coming album "Cold Star Dancer" due out on April 6th. 🇬🇧Midnite City🇬🇧 will also be playing at the HRH AOR. They're scheduled to hit the second stage at 5:25 pm on March 10th. 🇬🇧Nasty High🇬🇧 will be playing the same day on the same stage, but at 2:05 pm. As for Nasty High, they couldn't make it to their show in Nottingham last night due to bad weather. They will re-schedule that show. 🇮🇪Stone Trigger🇮🇪 will be at the Tivoli Venue on the 10th.

Western Europe:

🇨🇭Dizzy Fox🇨🇭 are working on new material. 🇩🇪Night Lazer🇩🇪 will be playing with 🇩🇪Pyrus🇩🇪 in Munich on March 10th. 🇩🇪Pussy Sisster🇩🇪 are in the studio recording their next album. 🇨🇭Rusted Guns🇨🇭 will be at the Baracuda Club on the 17th.

🇩🇪Snakebite🇩🇪 added a video on their page with a pile of tour dates. Two things to look forward to from them are the Sleazefest on the 10th, and their up coming video for "Beyond The Rust". 🇧🇪Wildheart🇧🇪 are playing at the Rocking Bull tonight. They will also be playing at the HRH AOR festival next weekend on the 10th at 8:45 pm.

Eastern Europe, and European Russia:

🇨🇿Bad Jokers Cream🇨🇿 will be playing the Black Fox live party at the Barrak music club on March 24th. 🇷🇺Bosphorus Night🇷🇺 are playing on March 8th in Moscow. 🇨🇿Double Raw🇨🇿 are almost finished with their new track "High Society". They also have new merchandise and shows lined up for 2018. One of them is with Bloody Heels at the Rock Cafe in Prague on April 19th! Be on the lookout for the up coming 🇷🇺Stripped Guns🇷🇺 EP "Wild At Heart". 🇨🇿Sweet Leopard🇨🇿 are playing tonight at the Rockovy Ples.


🇮🇹Cream Pie🇮🇹 are playing the Circus Club on the 10th with Milf. 🇪🇸Erotic Psycho🇪🇸 had their release party for "The Lost Boyz" last weekend at The Peter Rock club. 🇮🇹Hell In The Club🇮🇹 will be playing a lot of shows this spring. Check their dates on their page. 🇪🇸Jolly Joker🇪🇸 are playing in Pucol on March 9th. 🇮🇹Jolly Rox🇮🇹 played a killer show at the Circus Club last night. 🇮🇹The Lethal Idols🇮🇹 are playing with Psychoheart at the Crazy Bull in Genova on the 23rd. 🇪🇸Street Vipers🇪🇸 are playing the "Rising Star" event on March 9th. Free entry! 🇮🇹When Venus Weaps🇮🇹 released their new music video for the song "Through The Stars"

Australia, and New Zealand:

🇦🇺Black Alpine🇦🇺 are dropping a new single on March 18th called "Melt The Snow". As someone who lives in Michigan, PLEASE melt this stuff! I'm looking forward to hearing it. 🇦🇺Dangerous Curves🇦🇺 did an interview with Sleaze Roxx. Head over there to check it out. 🇦🇺Sisters Doll🇦🇺 celebrated 8 years of being a band last weekend. 🇦🇺Vicious Addiction🇦🇺 are playing the Music Slam #10 festival in Bendigo on March 11th.

South America, Middle America, and the Caribbean Islands:

🇧🇷Inluzt🇧🇷 played at the Manifesto bar last night. 🇨🇷Sleazer🇨🇷 played the Jazz Cafe in San Pedro on February 27th. 🇧🇷Tales From The Porn🇧🇷 will be playing the Manifesto on April 7th with 🇧🇷Pleasure Maker🇧🇷.

South Africa/India/Japan/Asia/Middle Eastern:

🇮🇳Girish And The Chronicles🇮🇳 are doing an AC/DC tribute tonight at the bFlat. They will be releasing a video in the coming weeks. Today is the last day to submit your artwork in the 🇿🇦L.A. Cobra🇿🇦 design a t-shirt contest. 🇿🇦Riff Raff🇿🇦 will be announcing 2018 tour dates soon.

Video of the week (February 24 - March 3 ):

🇸🇪Hardcore Superstar🇸🇪 - Bring The House Down

That is all of the news I have for this week. As always, forgive me if I forgot to mention anything. And if anything new pops up I'll do my best to share it.

Keep the hairspray coming, and crank the guitars to 11!!!

Tom - Admin

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