Brutal Planet Records to release Tango Down & Romeo Riot on Vinyl

Tango Down is BACK, BIGGER, BADDER and BULLETPROOF! Taking all the best elements and creating the most melodic yet hard hitting release yet from the band is Bulletproof. Always looking to raise the bar with each release, the band have not only met this personal goal, but surpassed it. This album has it all...from hard hitting four-on-the floor kickstart-my-heart style Punching Bag to arena anthems with big sing-along choruses like “Give me a Reason” and “Going Under.” Don’t forget the the snarling in-your-face “Carry On.” The band has taken the feedback from fans and delivered a fan-made release. We promise it will satisfy fans of old, and gain new ones as well. Sleaze Roxx didn’t hold back when they said, “Tango Down have delivered what is likely one of the best albums of the year in Bulletproof.....If you like melodic rock, great melodies and pine for some quality ’80s rock, Tango Down‘s Bulletproof is a must have for your album collection.” Melodic Rock gave the album a 90% rating and said, “A very good slice of American melodic hard rock featuring Scott Miller, one of the scene’s most underrated shredders.” And, Rock Eyez nailed it when they wrote, “This is the best Tango Down album to date, a true masterpiece and one of the best releases of 2016.” If you save your money for only the best releases on the planet, I recommend starting with Bulletproof on CD or Vinyl!

Tracklist 1 Punching Bag 2 Give Me A Reason 3 Bulletproof 4 Carry On 5 When We Were Young 6 Going Under 7 Superstar 8 Edge Of Goodbye 9 Anything Can Change 10 Broken Heart

Hard hitting arena rock of the highest order....The album Bon Jovi wish he’d made! Think Night Ranger, Slippery Era Bon Jovi with walls of guitars and vocals. This is a 10 song album begging to be played on a Super Bowl Stadium Stage and cranked to 11 on your stereo! Romeo Riot is a band of NOW bringing back the sound of THEN with the production of TODAY. Best of both worlds. Most importantly, this is a FUN record that will put a smile on your face and initiate repeated listens as the last chord rings out. Who is this band? This is the famed Kivel Records A-Team... All Stars....their Damn Yankees! Five musicians that contributed to the last 5 years of Kivel Records success worked together to together to create the magic of Sing It Loud!. They have all produced, written, and released some of the best records in Kivel Records two decade history. So it is time we let them throw a party of their own. This pivotal 2017 release now finds its way to vinyl in 2018 as Brutal Planet Records approached Kivel Records about teaming up to make sure this hard rock masterpiece could be heard in all of its glory! The 2018 Brutal Planet Records release features Sing It Loud! on white vinyl, and a full color jacket with amazing band pics and album info on a 12 inch insert. Angelic Warlord wrote “Catchy hooks galore, cascading harmonies and some of the best larger than life backing vocals you will hear...” Rock Eyez proclaimed, “Sing It Loud is one of the most enjoyable releases I heard this year.” Chris Martin reviewed the album in My Global Mind and offers the right advice for metal fans.....”This is definitely a band I will love for a lifetime and will continue to keep my eyes on. If you haven’t already grabbed this album, then you need to.” Great advice! Don’t delay, get your CD and/or white vinyl copy now!

Tracklist 1 Room To Run 2 Streets Of Babylon 3 Sing It Loud 4 Twist Of Fate 5 What If We Were Wrong 6 Same 7 Cry 8 I Want To Try 9 Every Now And Then 10 Best Nights Of Our Lives

You can order both albums HERE

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