Trevor and the Wolves release 'Road To Nowhere'

Solo project for the singer of cult Metal band Sadist. Trevor and the Wolves is the monicker of the project that musically refers to a genuine Hard Rock, with clear references to bands like: AC/DC, Motorhead, Saxon. "Road to Nowhere" is a journey through amazing landscapes and the wildlife, to a beautiful world, where Trevor will have the opportunity to dress up the costumes and traditions of local people. This album was recorded at Italian top Nadir Music Studios in Genoa with the expert supervision of Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) as the producer.

CD Track Listing:

1. From Hell to Heaven Ice

2. Burn at Sunrise

3. Red Beer

4. Black Forest

5. Bath Number 666

6. Spiritual Leader

7. Roadside Motel

8. Wings of Fire

9. Lake Sleeping Dragon

10. Unforgivable Mistake


Trevor Sadist – Voice

Francesco Martini – Lead Guitars

Alberto Laiolo – Rhythm Guitars

Aluigi Antonio - Bass

Emanuele Peccorini - Drums


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