Top-Down "Heat of the Night" Album Review

The bands Bio states the following: Top-Down was formed in late 2016 by founding members Dalton DeLima-(drums), Eddie Surman-(guitars), Stephen Damon-Tilley-(vocals), and Brian O’Connor-(bass) with the intent to bring to life a style of music that has not been getting much attention as of late. With influences deep in the styles of Van Halen, KISS, Mr. Big, Foo Fighters, Def Leppard, and more, we bring to the table a classic sounding Rock n’ Roll vibe with modern influences. A live Top-Down show is one that many people end up talking about for some time after. Eddie and Dalton originally were in and out of bands throughout High School and College. Listeners and fans would tell us that we needed to stay together to form our own band. It definitely worked for the best! Eddie knew Stephen through mutual friends and was always amazed by his astounding vocal range. Leading to Eddie and Daltons previous band breakup they gave Stephen a call and started a brand new band. They tried out select bass players, Brian fit the role perfectly. Brian was also in bands with Dalton and later to find out that he was related to Eddie’s friends, small world! The result is Top-Down! We are under no label at the moment but we recorded our very first album ‘Heat Of The Night’ at “The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge, MA, which was then mastered at “New Alliance East” in Cambridge, MA.

Review: Top-Down "Heat of the Night" EP consisit of 5 tracks of pure kick-ass rock n roll. Kicking things off with the rocker "Big Bad Boss" that has vocalist Stephen Damon channeling his inner Eddie Smith ( If you don't know the name check out Mad Margritt on youtube) ."Run Tommy Run" is a 80's sunset strip throwback, gang vocals, power chords, and screaming guitar licks. "One of a Kind" starts off with an un-mistakenable Van Halen-ish vibe. Another great track and it has me wondering why no record label has snatched these guys up yet. Throw these guys in a room with a producer like Michael Wagener and the results could be magic.

"She's Goin' Down" and "The Vigilante" a couple more rockin' tracks. You can check out the bands social pages at the links provided below.

Band Line-Up: Eddie Surman - guitars, backing vocals Dalton DeLima - drums, backing vocals Brian O’Connor – bass, backing vocals Stephen Damon-Tilley – lead vocals CD Track Listing: 1- Big Bad Boss 2- Run Tommy Run 3- One Of A Kind 4- She's Goin' Down 5- The Vigilante Social Media:​

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