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Dextress is a band that maybe you haven’t heard of. A 4 piece band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, influenced by bands like Skid Row, Van Halen and Guns ‘N Roses, generally lead to good results. Mix some great music, great songs, and a Sebastian Bach-esque singer on vocals and you’ve got a winner!

The album kicks off with “Bring on the girls”, sleaze filled rock song about your favorite thing...GIRLS!! Why else would you start a rock band?? Truly an 80’s themed rock track, complete with a guitar solo from ‘84. Plenty of crunch on this track.

Then comes “Distance” a little slower power ballad with more insane guitar fills from founding member Mark Janz. This track really showcases lead vocalist Jackson Taylors ability to sing. Really brings out the Sebastian Bach on this one with his ability to change octaves, really well written track.

Next up we have “Down by the river” a real foot tapping head bopping rocker. Drums galore from Marcos Rodriguez with booming bass from Christian Garcia the rhythm section totally kills it on this track, dont forget about about Mark as he slays the guitar solo!!

“Guilty man” is a ferocious rocker really showcasing Marcos and Mark rocking out. Not to mention the rapid fire lyric delivery from Jackson. This track is truly an assault of non stop aggression.

“Oh sweet sister” Kicks into action with absolutely amazing guitar work from Mark, its really grooving when Jackson joins the party, then you’re hooked. Just dripping with sleaze.

“Play nice” Christian kick this one into gear with a pounding bass line. The song has a real Aerosmith feel to it, with the way the vocals and guitar play off of each other.

“Reason to rhyme” Starts off with the best instrument of all….COWBELL!! You can’t go wrong with the cowbell. But as it goes it gets a little busy in the middle, but it is a lyrically fun song.

“Red eye remedy” Another rocker. They guys really have it figured out, loud guitars, loud drums, loud booming bass!! Add in some screeching vocals and you’ve got a great rock track!!

“Sex drugs rock n roll” The other reasons to start a rock band! The track has all the sex it needs as Mark and Jackson combine to really rock the track.

“Wild is the night” Another wild rock song to round out the album. Staying true to the winning formula. Killer guitars, drums and bass mixed with great lyrics and great vocals make it maybe the best track on the album.

So to finish off my thoughts on this album i can say this, overall it's a great album a couple of the tracks didn't do all that much for me but at the end of the album i didn't hesitate to start it over and listen again..and again.My recommendation is to get this album and give it a listen, you won't be upset. My advice to the band, get out and play, anywhere any time. Build that fan base!!


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As of writing this review the band has went through a number of changes,actually a complete line up shift. They welcome Eeric Paulin to lead vocals Reece Runco to bass, Keith Runco to Drums. We look forward to hearing what the new lineup can cook up \m/

Track List: 01. Wild Is The Night 02. Sex, Drugs, Rock N’ Roll 03. Bring On The Girls 04. Reason Or Rhyme 05. Red Eye Remedy 06. Down By The River 07. Oh Sweet Sister 08. Play Nice 09. Guilty Man 10. Distance

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