Little Caesar to Release '8' on March 16th

Eight is the band's first studio album in six years! Little Caesar fuse no-nonsense hard rock that harks back to '70s giants such as Bad Company and Humble Pie with an aching ZZ Top groove and overlay it with classic R&B melodies to produce some mighty fine straight up good time rock 'n' roll! FM radio slickness with bar band grit, Little Caesar in 2018 is exactly what's missing in contemporary rock music. Bursting onto the LA scene in 1987, big things seemed inevitable for a band who had the winning combination of being managed by Jimmy Iovine, A&R'd by John Kalodner and produced by the one and only Bob Rock. Their unique blend of soulful, yet ballsy hard rock was a perfect reflection of the musical climate that spawned them. However, within weeks of the release of their self-titled debut, their label was sold. In the mix-up all their records were lost in transit to the new distributors and the bean counters' anvil came down on a band who were just getting going. Such is the rough and tumble music business! In 2017, the band returned to the UK and Europe, toured the US, and entered the studio with Bruce Witkin to produce this brand new album, their Golden Robot Records debut.

Track Listings

1. 21 Again

2. Mama Tried

3. Vegas

4. Crushed Velvet

5. Good Times

6. Time Enough for That

7. Straight Shooter

8. Another Fine Mess

9. Morning

10. That's Alright

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