KEE OF HEARTS - Album Review

KEE OF HEARTS is a new band project built around two true melodic rock superstars: Tommy Heart, singer of Fair Warning and Kee Marcello, former guitarist of Europe!With a line-up rounded out by Ken Sandin (ex-Alien) on bass and Italian drummer Marco Di Salvia (Pino Scotto), the guys started working on the album in late 2016. With their songwriting strongly focused on melodic rock songs, the album came to completion under the direction of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and covers a wide spectrum of styles with a lot of attention given to crafting great hooks deftly played by musicians that know how to deliver the goods!Musically, the band operates in a territory defined by Scandinavian AOR meeting German melodic hard rock with influences from the classic U.S. AOR giants (think Giant, Journey, etc.).

Kee of Hearts features Kee Marcello formerly of Europe and Tommy Heart, founding member of Fair Warning. With over 40 years of musical experience, they combine their musical and songwriting abilities to release the Kee of Hearts collaborative. With excellent songwriting and musicianship throughout the album becomes really easy to listen to over and over. It never gets “to heavy" it just stays in the groove for melodic rock. The influence of Europe is evident but not overstated. Obviously the Fair Warning influence is strong. As it stands, if you like bands like Giant, Journey, Europe, then this is an album for you! Excellent songwriting, excellent musicianship, excellent song construction. A really great album to listen to on repeat.

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