The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down : Album Review

Holy Hell! The Dead Daisies come out throwing hay-makers on their new aptly titled album “Burn It Down”. Eleven tracks of in your face unadulterated rock n roll. With the current cast of characters within The Dead Daisies the sky is the limit and “Burn It Down” delivers in spades.

John Corabi has finally found a home for his immense talents, after years of lending vocals to some of my all-time favorite albums from the Scream to Motley Crue and Union, John is a perfect fit for the Daisies.

The same can be said for Doug Aldrich, who just completely rips on this album! I love the fact that a guy like Doug who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on an occasion, has found renewed success within the Dead Daisies after years of playing on one great album after another with so many great artist. Success couldn’t have found a more deserving person.

The addition of Deen Castronovo on drums only adds to overall thunderous sound the band brings on “Bring It Down” and being a great singer in his own right, only makes The Dead Daisies sound that much sweeter.

The band kicks things off with ‘Resurrected’ a full throttle rocker, pedal to the floor no looking back number and their just getting started. The anthemic ’Rise Up’ starts off with some chugging guitar before kicking in and having the band proclaiming it’s time to rise up from hate to love.

‘Burn It Down’ starts off with a little blues guitar quickly turning into a face-smashing track………If this was a prize fight, this is where you would be getting knocked the fuck out!

‘Judgment Day’ is a great track! My first listen to this song and in an instant I was back in high school, slipping that first Badlands cassette tape in and being totally blown away! A recording that to this day has stayed in constant rotation on almost every playlist I’ve ever had. There’s really no more praise I can give to a song then to compare it to anything from Jake e Lee and the late Ray Gillen.

‘What Goes Around’ ok I’ll admit it, I just caught myself standing at the computer playing air guitar. I’m taking a break from this review to pick up my guitar and learn this lick………..ok I’m back! Turns out I’m no Doug Aldrich, but my daughter swears I’m a guitar God and that’s all that really matters.

’Set Me Free’ slows things down a bit. Oh man how I miss the days when rock radio played great music like this.This song would’ve been and should be a hit in any era of music. I’ve always thought Corabi’s voice was great on songs like this (Check out ‘Robins Song’ from the first Union album)

‘You Can’t Take It With You’ …….(but you can have it all before you go) pretty much sums it up. Words to live by. ‘Leave Me Alone’ another killer tune. The album maybe a bit on the short side, but when every song kicks your ass like this…..who am I to complain?

Yes, that was The Dead Daisies that just ran your ass over! Now pick your jaw up off the floor and hit the repeat button!

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