STEEL PANTHER's 'Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out In Beverly Hills)' Video

STEEL PANTHER's video for the song "Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out In Beverly Hills)"can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's latest album, "Lower The Bar", which was released in March 2017 via Kobalt Music Recordings. The disc was co-produced with regular collaborator Jay Ruston, and includes eleven songs recorded at studios in north Hollywood and Sherman Oaks, with an additional two tracks on a Best Buy deluxe edition.

STEEL PANTHER frontman Michael Starr told Billboard that the band's sound has "expanded" on "Lower The Bar". "Our style is still the same formula, I guess, but we've changed it up a bit," he said. "I could say that we used to sing about pussy and partying; now we're singing about partying and pussy, but the reality is we did switch up a few things. It's a really solid, fun, intelligent party record. We're just maturing as a band after being on the road for years together and living together. It shows."

He continued: "It's hard to put into words without sounding like a typical review, but it feels different to me. It feels like we're doing some melody lines we normally wouldn't do on a couple of sings, different kinds of moods and not necessary just 'Dr. Feelgood'. There's some different stuff in there, but everything's open for interpretation. Hopefully we connect with it."

When asked by A Music Blog, Yea? whether the members of STEEL PANTHER apply the "Lower The Bar" title to their relationships or if they have certain "stipulations", guitarist Satchel said: "I tend to feel — and this is my own personal belief — 'lowering the bar' is really the best thing you could do in order to have a happy life. It doesn't matter what you're talking about. Let's say, you just want a sandwich. If you're expectations of having a really great sandwich, if you go in with that expectation [you'll be let down]. It's just like having sex with a Tinder date. But, let's say you're on a Tinder date, and you, lucky guy, are able to convince her [the interviewer] by using your cousin's picture to go on a Tinder date with this hot young chick. You get to the date, you're at Taco Bell and you see that this dude doesn't look anything like his cousin. You're disappointed, aren't you? You should go in expecting to date a drummer and if you get a guitar player or bass player, you're happy."

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