SNAKEYES Releases EVOLUTION Promotional Video

SNAKEYES RELEASES "EVOLUTION" PROMOTIONAL VIDEO The third single off the band's new "Metal Monster" album.

SnakeyeS, the band started by José Pineda, Justi Bala, and Carlos Delgado (from the former Spanish band SPHINX) together with Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER), has released the promotional video for "Evolution", the third single off its new "Metal Monster" album. The "Evolution" video, available below, was recorded and directed by Leo Traverso:

"Metal Monster" was released on November 25th, 2017, on both CD and digitally, and is available for download and streaming through all major music digital distribution platforms. The album's cover artwork was designed by Spanish artist Francisco Garcés. The album features 11 brand new songs, recorded and produced by bassist José Pineda in his own studio:

1. Into The Unknown

2. Evolution 3. (Point of) No Return 4. Cyberkiller 5. Metal Monster 6. Edge of The World 7. Sign of Death 8. Facing The Darkness 9. Your Own Shadow 10. Circus of Fools 11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)

A very special edition of the new album, titled the "Monster Pack" can be ordered exclusively from the band's website: The "Monster Pack" includes the following items: · new "Metal Monter" album on audio CD · "Metal Monster" official t-shirt · exclusive "Metal Monster" guitar pick · "Metal Monster" poster · SnakeyeS post card signed by the band · exclusive "Mask of Reality" single on audio CD, including the brand new song "The Hunt", not available anywhere else SnakeyeS also confirmed the Spanish dates for its Metal MonsTour 2018 tour, with more to follow soon: · March 9th 2018 – Sevilla – Sala La Calle. Special Guest: Hysteria · March 10th 2018 – Cádiz – Sala Supersonic. Special Guest: Cenizas del Edén · March 16th 2018 – Cartagena, Murcia – Sala Coyote. Special Guest: Sepulcro · March 17th 2018 – Málaga – Sala Onda Pasadena · April 13th 2018 – Madrid – Sala SoundStage. Special Guest: Evil Hunter · April 14th 2018 – Valladolid – Sala Kerala · April 20th 2018 – Salamanca – Sala Nave Bunker. Special Guest: Cherokee · April 21st 2018 – Vigo – Sala Transylvania. Special Guest: Cherokee · May 18th 2018 – Valencia – Sala Paberse Club. Special Guest: Law Maker · May 19th 2018 – Barcelona – Sala Monasterio. Special Guest: Four Noses For the latest news about SnakeyeS, follow the band on Facebook: and on its

official website:

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