Eric Stacy (Jetboy, Faster Pussycat) and Ted Poley (Danger Danger) Claim Promoter Dropped Them From

News from the 80’s In The Park Festival taking place this weekend. It appears several acts have been dropped at the last possible minute, after already traveling to Florida for the event. Both artists are still listed on the website for the festival located here.

Eric Stacy on Facebook:

Hello everybody, So how would you feel if you flew to Orlando Florida yesterday with your band to play a show your contracted to play today(Saturday),but you get there to be told you are supposed to play tomorrow,but the chickenshit promoter won’t take your calls or deal with anything,and hasnt guaranteed your rooms thru tomorrow,and your now being kicked out of your rooms and the piece of shit,scumbag,piece of filth won’t deal with us(Jetboy) or guarantee a safe place to stay and rest and be!!!!!,that’s what’s happening to us right now!!!,fuck You,you piece of shit excuse for a human being!,and fuck this 80’s in the park festival!!!,I urge everyone to tell their friends to fuck this show and this place!!!,you motherfucker Richard you can suck my dick!!!!

And now this from Ted Poley:

Due to the Promoter’s wishes I have been canceled from 80s in the park, I don’t know why I believe they don’t have the money to pay me but that is just my own Theory , let’s see how the rest of the weekend works out but I have been told by my fans, And not to Promoter because he’s a pussy, that have been canceled the promoters never even contacted me I’m stuck in Florida 2 miles away and I apologize to all of my friends and fans that spent a fortune to come see me this is beyond my control and I only found out about this from a fan, these promoters have fucked me beyond belief, and if you have traveled all this way to see me then they fucked you too! I am so sorry but it is beyond my control they have not paid me and like I said I am 2 miles away so if anybody wants to come to a private acoustic show let me know, fuck you Richard & 80s in the park.

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