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second official video in support of our brand new album "Playing With Fire" now available on CD and iTunes! CRANK IT!!!!!

From the Heavens Fire FB Page:

HEAVENS FIRE- Was resurrected by guitarist/song writer JT Harris in 2012 from the ashes of a band that existed in the late 90's. That band featured Ex-Arsin members: drummer/lyricist Mike Mackinnon and bassist Andy Narsingh. Prior to their 2000 release on Now and Then records entitled “The Outside" and after many negative reviews and disappointing record sales, the band took on a whole new approach as JT took over all song writing duties for the follow up CD and management duties as well. Fate however, had other plans. On the same day of their first release, the band lost their drummer in a tragic accident while JT and his dad went on to contract cancer just a year after that. Despite given months to live, JT managed to recover within a year and has been healthy ever since. His dad however was not so lucky as the cancer had returned which forced him to be confined to his bed for his final years on earth. New demos were shopped to the record company and a replacement for the drummer position was found. They loved the music JT had wrote and the new musical direction of the band but Andy's voice and lyrics, like many of the reviews was a huge turnoff for the record company. At that point Andy Narsingh quit Heavens Fire as well as long time investor Billy McNicol. JT was now on his own stuck with the rehearsal room debt and no one else to write new material with. JT kept the website alive and the project was put on hold indefinitely as JT stayed home to help provide care for his father. There were no Heavens Fire shows or albums of any kind for over 10 years although JT had the domain name created in 2005 with intent to reemerge as Heavens Fire again one day....2012: After mourning the loss of his dad, JT is finally ready to write again and tour as well. He soon hires long time friend Darren Smith and local drum prodigy Alexis Von Kraven to go into Phase One Studios and finish the music he had written to his new album "Judgement Day" but there would be another delay shortly after it’s completion. Darren was chosen to be the touring singer of Jake E Lee’s new band “Red Dragon Cartel” and the search is on once again for the lead vocals position. JT has finished writing the music for a new Heavens Fire album and is currently in the process of recording the album with lead vocalist Rafael Bennett. Look for a summer release to the follow up album to Judgement Day in 2017.

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