IRON MAIDEN Author Offers Nine Maiden-related E-books FREE OF CHARGE

Stjepan Juras, author of nine Iron Maiden-related books just posted the following message via his Facebook page:

“This is my birthday gift for all Iron Maiden fans in whole world. Since today is my 42nd birthday, all my already published books now are available as eBook for free. The Number Of The Beast eBook will be published in March 2018! Read, download, share, comment, quote my books, use them for your own research, seminar works, and graduate thesis, enjoy in Iron Maiden universe - all for free. Once again; a huge thank you goes to all buyers of my hard paper books. Thank you for your support, each new book will be better and better, a high quality product!”

Download the free eBooks here.

He also posted news about his book The Number Of The Beast, which is sold out in pre-sale. Unexpectedly, a printing company produced few more copies, so you have a chance to buy a special leather edition of the book with wax seal. This offer is open probably only today, because only 10 extra copies were available and only few left.

This is his message: "The LAST chance to order The Number Of The Beast book (leather edition with gold print and red wax seal). Only few copies left. Act now and grab the most wanted Maiden related book!"

Order the leather book here.

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