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Hairbandheaven.rocks recently had a chance to talk with Hell In The Club bassist Andy about the bands new album "See You On the Dark Side" the new HITC graphic novel and more.......

HBH: Who are some of your inspirations musically? H.I.T.C. : We all listen to different musical genres, from which we draw inspiration. Obviously the one we prefer is rock. Amongst our favorites are : Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Queen, Aerosmith … HBH: As a band, was it a conscious decision to go for the “80’s sound" or just an organic occurence? H.I.T.C. : When we started, we let things develop naturally. We wanted to form a rock band without forcing any specific direction on it. We started writing songs and, from there, we developed the project. HBH: Being the fourth album, do you feel truly “in the groove” for your songwriting? H.I.T.C. : We are very satisfied with what we have done up till now but we know there is always space for improvement.We always try to insert something from different genres into our songs because we like to play with music. HBH: What are the plans for 2018? H.I.T.C. : We will definitely try to play live as much as possible in Europe. In April we will be playing at the prestigious Frontiers festival for the first time in our career. A graphic novel has recently been released. Which is a unique and particular project for a band. We are extremely satisfied and happy with the result.

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HBH: I really enjoyed the new album (See you on the Darkside), what kind of feedback are you getting on it? H.I.T.C. : This is the first album with Frontiers records.As you know in Europe it is one of the best. They did an excellent job and the result is evident. Both the magazines and webzines, as well as the fans, love it. HBH: How does the songwriting process work for you guys? H.I.T.C. : Generally one of us gets the idea for a song, we share it and work on it together.They mainly come from myself or Dave. With regards to the lyrics they come from mainly Dave and I. HBH: How is the music scene in your area? Do you have any other local bands you like to support? Have you had the chance to play with, open for, headline for any cool bands? H.I.T.C. : In Italy rock is definitely not mainstream but we have many great bands. The audience mainly tends to support foreign bands rather than local bands. Most Italian bands don’t work together to avoid this. Maybe one day we’ll learn

HBH: Do you primarily work as musicians? Or do you still have “day jobs"? H.I.T.C. : Except for our drummer we all have other jobs because in Italy it’s extremely difficult to live on music….especially rock music. HBH: As a bass player, who are some of your main influences? H.I.T.C. : When I started I took lessons with a local teacher and after I developed my own style. In the rock world my favorite bass players are : Nikki Sixx, Duff Mckagan and Rachel Bolan HBH: Final question...Who do you prefer as the lead singer of Van Halen? SAMMY OR DAVE?! H.I.T.C. : I like them both. Sammy for is unique voice and Dave for his charisma.

Interview by; Randy Widman


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