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Recently I had the chance to review “One more for the road” From Germany’s The New Roses. Without any doubt, THE NEW ROSES are one of the most promising and successful hard rock acts that the German heavy rock scene has to offer. While having played more than 250 shows within two years all over Europe, highlights were definitely their live performances at the UEFA Champions League Festival at the Brandenburger Tor in the heart of Berlin, alongside shows at the Hamburg and Swiss Harley Days, as well as being special guests on tour with acts such as ACCEPT, Tremonti, Y&T, Saxon or The Dead Daisies to name just a few. Overall i think the album is fantastic! Really easy to put it on and listen to it over and over fact, that’s just what I’ve been doing!!


"One More For The Road"

Napalm Records

“Quarter to Twelve”- The album kicks off with this uptempo rocker, you’re instantly hit with some really great raspy vocals, which really makes a great rock voice. Much like Tom Keifer. This track has an amazing guitar solo, and one fantastic drumline throughout. This track really shows the rhythm section has serious skills.

“My own worst enemy”- Another rocker, even kicks off with the required “YEAH!!” Lyrically, well written track, the chorus is great..”How long, how long when I’m under water until I need to breathe” I personally really dig this song, easily one of the top tracks on the album, the chorus just sounds amazing, really makes it go.

“Forever never comes”- Kicks off with a great guitar solo, really a rocking single. This would make a great “concert sing-along song”. It may have the best guitar solo from the entire album mixed into it.

“Dancing on a razor blade”-True sleaze rock. Really reminds me early Night Songs era Cinderella, which is never a bad thing!! The cowbell rings loud and clear on this track. Very well written track, well balanced. I catch myself bopping my head and tapping my foot along on this one.

“Consider me gone”- A little blues rocker. This could be a great way to tell your soon to be ex “I’m out- consider me GONE!” they even tell her “I’ll pay back what i owe ya!!”

“Life ain’t easy (for a boy with long hair)”- Full rasp on display here on this uptempo blues rock single. They really tell the story that so many have known. Life isn’t easy for a boy with long hair. They capture it perfectly in this track. Lyrically it's a really cool wong.

“Every wild heart”- The New Roses have the recipe for rockers figured out. This is yet another track that makes you want to move. Features a really cool beat and overall a very impressive track

“Fight you leaving me”- Power ballad. If you listen to this with your eyes closed you can almost smell the lighter fluid. Really reminds me of Cinderella, I could see a video of this song play out with the band in an old warehouse as the boy and girl are fighting on the train platform and he’s begging her to stay. Really beautiful song.

“The same moon”- Another solid rocker, has a little soul/southern rock vibe. Great guitar solo in here, has a truly awesome vibe to it.

“Peace by peace of mind”- True anthem rocker, a real fist pumper. Once the chorus hits you can’t help but want to sing along!! “Kick down the barricade, kick down the wall!!” Hell yes!! Aggressive

“One more for the road”- A little bluesy number, not quite a ballad. Makes me think of Bon Jovi it features really great melodies. I really love the almost country feel to this song.

“Do i look scared to you”- (BONUS TRACK) This song gets up and GOES!!! Pretty straightforward rock song filled with aggression and a killer guitar solo!!

“The storm” (BONUS TRACK)- Another power ballad, with an emphasis on POWER. No acoustic just a nice mellow rhythm with great lyrics and great melodies.

“Nitro nights” (BONUS TRACK)- Sleaze rock anthem here! They ran this through the sleaze and it comes out just dripping with it. Nice finish to the album for sure!!

This was my first exposure to THE NEW ROSES. And “One more for the road” Does not disappoint at all. I am quite pleased to have listened to the album. It has it all, sleaze anthems, arena rockers, blues, ballads, country rockers. What more could you want? The melodies are all great, the band is tight. The album really is filled with great, well-written tracks. They may not be from 1988...but they sure could be! This is easily one of my favorite albums of the year.


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