Legendary rocker Alice Cooper is featured in a Super Bowl commercial for Desert Financial Credit Union (formerly known as Desert Schools Credit Union), Arizona's largest credit union.

In the commercial, Cooper preforms his hit song "School's Out" as a way to emphasize the "school" was taken out of the credit union's name.

"We wanted to design the interior of the bank to look like it would look if it was in an Alice Cooper fever dream," director Ze'ev Waismann told Arizona Central. "We wanted it to feel very much like it was a working bank branch, where you would still have tellers there, but they're zombies, right? Loan managers but they're all inspired by these Alice Cooper personas. And Alice Cooper, very much at the head of this experience, is on stage singing 'School's Out'."

For the video shoot, Cooper was backed by local musicians — drummer Jason Camiolo, guitarists Jane Joyce and Brian Martin, and bassist Todd Middleman.

"It was an amazing experience," Camiolo said. "Alice is one of the most professional, down-to-earth artists I've ever met. We spent a full day of shooting with him and in between takes he would tell us amazing stories of opening up for THE YARDBIRDS or letting PINK FLOYD crash at his Hollywood home in the early years. Amazing stuff to all of us who were psyched to be on stage with him."

Jeff Meshey, CEO of Desert Financial Credit Union, told the Credit Union Journal about his company's name change: "We were having a bit of an identity crisis. Our market research has shown that in order to grow our business, we needed to make clear who we serve. People got really hung up on the word 'schools,' but they showed an affinity for our brand at the same time. We tested several new potential names at the beginning of 2017, and Desert Financialresonated extremely well with our focus groups. We let the research decide and are already seeing positive feedback from our current members and interest from the general public."


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