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David Roach from Junkyard to cut some guest vocals for upcoming American Bombshell record

We're excited to announce we've brought in none other than Mr. David Roach from Junkyard to cut some guest vocals for our upcoming album! Wait till you hear it...get ready for some kick ass rock and roll!

American Bombshell Biography :

All the members of American Bombshell have joined together for the sole purpose of writing and performing kick ass original Rock N Roll songs. Straight ahead Rock has been missing from the musical landscape for number of years, taking a back seat to Pop and Rap. The Metal genre has been diluted into so many sub genres that its hard to even tell whats what anymore. But at the core of it all there has always been Rock N Roll. The 5 guys in American Bombshell all come from successful local acts and have all shared stages together in their other respective bands but it was the love of pure unadulterated, unfiltered, bad ass, bad attitude, dirty, broke, drunken, sexy Rock N Roll that got them to band together. Killer original songs infused with elements of punk, blues, glam, dirt, anger, and sex and drugs plus a high energy, sweat and beer soaked live show brings that feeling of the killer rock bands and shows of yesteryear. Bringing it back to the masses one show at a time....that is the mission. Rock N Roll is not dead just haven't heard American Bombshell yet.


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