GIRL - Sheer Greed - Retro Album Review

Girl were an English glam metal band formed in London in 1979, which split up in 1982 with band members going on to join Def Leppard (Guitarist Phil Collen) and L.A. Guns (Vocalist Phil Lewis).

"Sheer Greed" was their first album, released in January 1980 by the independent record label Jet Records.

The album was published during the explosion of the new wave of British heavy metal phenomenon and its sales took advantage of the favourable attitude towards hard rock bands in the UK in that period. "Sheer Greed" peaked at No. 33 in the UK Albums Chart.

Saying the band was a bit ahead of their time,maybe an understatement. Cranking out infectious glam metal from London just a few years before the metal invasion on Los Angele's sunset strip.

Some of the highlights:

"Sheer Greed" kicks things off with 'Hollywood Tease' a kick ass rocker that sounds like a mix of NWOBHM and Hollywood all rolled into one. This song would later be re-recorded by L.A. GUNS on their debut album.

"My Number" I've always loved this track even before I knew Girl had been the first to record it. My original introduction to this song was from Lillian Axe's 1989 "Love & War" album. Apparently blasting this repeatedly throughout high school, I somehow managed to over look the song writing credits. While I grew up on LIllian Axe's version , this version is rawer and dirty sounding. Depending on your mood, you can't go wrong with either version.

"Do You Love Me?" is a cover of the song from Kiss' album Destroyer. One of my all time favorite Kiss songs! Penned in part by Kim Fowley of .....Ch Ch Ch CHERRY BOMB fame. The man behind putting together THE RUNAWAYS. Again this version has more grit to it.......this is what music was like before everything got over produced, polished and made to sound perfect. I'll always favor the Kiss version, but Girl definetly puts a cool spin on it.

"Doctor Doctor" a fist-pumping, sing-along affair with a full on guitar attack!

"Heartbreak America" closes the album out on the same note on which the album started​. With some kickass rock n roll!

"Passing clouds" and "Lovely Lorraine" are a couple more stand out tracks from "Sheer Greed"​.

I can't say enough about this album. Raw in your face sleazy rock n roll from start to finish. Rock Candy recently re-issued this album with a couple of bonus tracks. It's available by clicking on the link below. I would highly recommend it for anyone who missed out on these guys the first time around.

Hollywood Tease Things You Say Lovely Loraine Strawberries Little Miss Anne Doctor Doctor Do You Love Me (KISS cover) Take Me Dancing What’s Up? Passing Clouds My Number Heartbreak America


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