Stray Bullets - Shut Up ( Album Review )

Straight from Verona Italy comes the Stray Bullets with a true hard rock album loaded with hair band hooks and sleaze.

You’ve got Ale on vocals, Duff on Bass and backing vocals, Male on Lead/rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Zen on drums and backing vocals, and Nick on rhythm/lead guitar.

I was tasked with reviewing the album “Shut up” (Album release date January 26). My first thought when seeing it was “Cool cover” as it features the band name in the corner and a woman with a ball gag, attention grabbing. So i listened to it from start to finish and my thoughts are this:

“Lost soul town”

Kicks off the album with a bang, and never looks back, filled with huge hooks and hairspray, this is a true arena rock anthem

“Get on you”

Fist pumping, horns up, hard driving rock song. Zen fills the drums nicely with some amazing vocals from Ale! Lets not forget the guitar work from Male and Nick. Really a killer rock song, full of raunchiness


Kicks off with one of my personal favorites..the cowbell!! Throw in some amazing guitar riffs from Male and Nick. The solo is outstanding on this track, the whole of it reminds me of the Scorpions quite a bit.


Duff keeps this going with a nice bass line just dripping with sleaze. Male and Nick do not disappoint with more amazing guitar play and a killer solo. A very well written song well constructed really a fun song.

“One way”

Here we have a power ballad that really plays to Ales strength as a singer, slowing it down. You can really feel the emotion as the crowd sways and the lighters flicker…

“Put up or shut up”

A little aggression here, maybe somebody did them wrong to prompt this song? Whatever the cause it made a great overall rock track!!

“Sex pot”

Much like the title this song is dripping sex and sleaze. Filled with amazing drums from Zen

“Be your man”

Ale is telling someone he doesn’t want to be “friends” loading up with the sex and sleaze in epic fashion.


A guitar driven rocker. A really well crafted arena rock song. This would be a great “crowd sing along song” Really catchy song, catchy chorus. Great music throughout

“Black out”

No nonsense rock track, great guitar solo, killer riffs. Really has a heavy feel


Zens drum work is on full display here, Nick and Male kick the guitar up, Ale belts the lyrics- Another really solid rock track!

My first exposure to Stray Bullets was not a disappointment. A rather enjoyable album through and through. Clearly a talented group of musicians and songwriters. I would highly recommend getting your hands on “Shut up” and blasting it at full volume!!


Hair Band Heaven


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