Electric Wizard "Wizard Bloody Wizard" Album Review

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Black Sabbath should be flattered by the latest release from Electric Wizard- Wizard Bloody Wizard. I was handed the album to review, the first thing I thought was the resemblance to early Sabbath is uncanny. The gloomy sound is haunting on “see you in hell” and that continues on “Necromania” which has a slightly psychedelic feel to it.

“Hear the sirens scream” feature more of the crunchy guitar.

“The reaper”,”wicked caressess” “mourning of the musicians” are all in line with the previous tracks. Much like earlier Electric Wizard work they stay true to themselves. Dark, gloom and doom!! I can easily envision a live performance of a smoke shrouded stage with minimal lighting, perhaps candles to help drive home the gloomy nature of the dark music.

All in all not a bad album Electric Wizard know where they come from and know where they want to go and its evident that they will get there with this release.

Heavy metal lives with Electric Wizard

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