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STRYPER new album complete: "our most defined and dynamic album ever"

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet has checked in with the following update:

"The new Stryper album is our best to date. If this was 1987 (when rock and metal ruled the charts) we might have a Grammy waiting with our name on it. But since this is 2018, we're just happy knowing that our fans will love it. We are blessed. Can't wait to get this one into your ears!

Three things stand out to me on the new Stryper album:

#1 - Songs! They're edgy and heavy, yet memorable and catchy. And yes there's a ballad (rock/guitar ballad).

#2 - Clarity! We tried hard to make this our most defined and dynamic album ever. We didn't get into a "loud war" while mixing & mastering. Because of that it retained it transients and it really "breathes"👍

#3 - Stryper got their groove back."

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