HELL IN THE CLUB "See You On the Other Side" Album Review

A big new rock'n'roll band that knocks down your soul and takes you right into a hellride of fun, power and emotions with a big dose of hard rock!


DAVE on vocals, ANDY on bass, LANCS on drums and PICCO on the guitar, HELL IN THE CLUB will distress you, they'll make you dance, sing and bang your heads with their songs and their amazing live shows...rock'n'roll is the keyword!!

Are you ready to raise some hell???


Hell in the Club-See you on the darkside

“We are on fire”

My first exposure to Hell in the Club and they knocked me on my ass!! This just jumps up and grabs you. The sleaze dripping from this track is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Picco really kills the solo and Dave's vocals are unbelievable throughout

“Phantom punch”

A fast paced monster track, packed to the rim with huge drum fills from Lancs and more amazing guitar work from Picco. Dave slays the high notes on this super sleazy rock track

“Little toy soldier”

The rhythm section gets your foot tapping from the start. Andy on bass and Lancs on drums keep that beat going. A really smooth, well-crafted song

“I wanna swing like Peter Parker”

I saw this song title and constantly questioned it..much to my surprise its a straight up rocker! The fact that Hell in the Club wrote a song about Spider-man and put a little SWING music into it is really quite impressive!!

“Houston we’ve got no money”

Here we are at the midway point of the album and here we have another very well written song. Harkens back to the big hair days of early Warrant. Possibly the best guitar solo on the album.

“A melody, a memory”

Another slab of sleaze!! Filled again with great guitar riffs, great melodies this one is a real foot tapper, head bopping song


Another mid tempo rocker that makes you want to move! Sneaky good song with the understated drums keeping the beat going. Picco once again delivers an amazing guitar solo,and Dave's vocals are perfectly spot on for this track.

“The Misfit”

As this song plays i can see Andy and Picco rocking and running around on stage as dave belt out the lyrics. A real fist pumping anthem, true arena rock. Lancs hits you with a great drum fill, killer beat on this track. This may be my favorite on the album.

“Withered in Venice”

Slowing it down a bit on this one. Withered really showcases Dave's vocal range. Lyrically very impressive. Definitely a POWER ballad.

“Bite the tongue”

Hell in the Club really know how to rock. Another masterpiece of sleaze!! Killer bass fill from Andy! If you're not digging this...you may not be breathing!!

“A crowded room”

The final track of the album. Kicks of with an amazing piano intro with dave singing slowly..then BOOM!!!! There's Picco shredding it and Andy booming away and Lancs pounding the drums!! With a killer solo from Picco this could be the most complete song on the album.

Sometimes reviewing albums can be tough, sometimes they are extremely difficult to do. This was NOT one of those times. My biggest problem was not “listening” to it, getting caught just jamming along. This really is an amazing album through and through. Well worth the listen, then start it back over and listen again!!


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